My life is for you for all for this world.
My life and action is for this world “Earth”

Through my walking I met so many people I did many action for you for everybody..

I will use my life continuously to doing my action for Peace.

My stage is this world! “Earth”
My Duty is spreading the massage of “Peace” on “Earth”

I don’t care the people point at me, I don’t care the people have a strange Image of ME..

During my life time, I don’t care all the people understand my action.

But even we don’t have enough space for living in this world,
Even the people start to against my action I keep doing my action for everybody,

because all my way making the road for Peace, many people supported my action.

“You” name of Family!!!
“You” name of “Brother and Sister”
“You name of “Children”
“You” name of Friend!!!

For my friend, I keep doing my action! I keep walking for this world making the road for Peace!
Everything because of

And When my life were over, I wish many children the people remember that I met and did the action together!!!

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