Month: December 2011

Peace for Earth, Peace for Us, Peace for all ~Let’s share your happiness and Joy at this wonderful Bright Season~

I don’t want to see the peoples tears, grieving Face any more. 
Let’s stop fighting. Let’s finish to hate each other. and…
Let’s across the country, across a race, across the religion, across the gender,
across the generation, lets take each other hand and help each other, share our happiness together.

Soon Xmas Comes, For white and black, for yellow and red ones, For weak and strong,
the rich and the poor, Lets celebrate Christmas together, Lets celebrate everybody!! Lets share your joy, happiness and luck everybody!

Through this positive energy, positive actions, from our small action for the other for earth we can make big difference from us!

PEACE for the Earth! PEACE for Us! PEACE for All!!!

For everybody’s happiness, I will do my action walking, planting trees, help the people!

I wish all have a wonderful holiday seasons, and new years!!!