Does peace exist just between human being?

20 Nov

Does peace exist just between human being?

In human history, we have lept having “CONFLICT” & “FIGHTING” with someone due to the differences of frame of human being such as race, religion, gender, generation.

There have being so many victims through the history. And still now in this world sadly we have this problems. But is only victim human being ?

This is a story about a dog that came from a pet shop to be with a certain family. As time passed, circumstances surrounding this family who had loved their puppy started to change and resulted with tragic consequences. At present in Japan there are more than 160,000 dogs and cats that are killed annually at the hands of humans.

Peace between humans, and between human and Nature & and other creature.

It is the time to ponder the preciousness of life and meaning of Peace.

School Lunch in Japan – It’s Not Just About Eating

19 Nov

This is the atmosphere of Primary school in Japan.

Not only learning the knowledge & information at school lesson,
but also whole school life, children be able to learn

*Cooperativeness & harmony with other students,
*Responsibility & Understanding, and
*Appreciation & Respect.

Japanese School has a great system.

Toward the world of “Harmony & Cooperation”

19 Nov

74601_148351341986370_1720498959_n quote-Dalai-Lama-it-is-necessary-to-help-others-not-954

Following the terror attack which left more than 100 people dead on the streets of Paris last week, one of the first reactions of many people, as in many horrific disasters, was to turn immediately to prayer.

While the hashtag #PrayForParis was prominent on social media and world religious leaders were praised for their condemnation of the attack, the Dalai Lama says the world must not ask God to fix man-made problems.

The Tibetan spiritual leader, speaking to German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle, said in reaction to the Paris attack:

People want to lead a peaceful lives. The terrorists are short-sighted, and this is one of the causes of rampant suicide bombings.

We cannot solve this problem only through prayers. I am a Buddhist and I believe in praying. But humans have created this problem, and now we are asking God to solve it. It is illogical. God would say, solve it yourself because you created it in the first place.

We need a systematic approach to foster humanistic values, of oneness and harmony. If we start doing it now, there is hope that this century will be different from the previous one. It is in everybody’s interest.

So let us work for peace within our families and society, and not expect help from God, Buddha or the governments.

The 80-year-old added that many of the world’s problems have been caused by “superficial differences” of religion and nationality.

His message for the world is clear:

We are one people.–W1Nf_e7vKl

Vietnam 2nd meeting for preparation in Peace Week 2016

18 Nov

Today on 18th of November, At Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, there were 2nd meeting for preparation for peace week 2016 Ho Chi Minh.

Young generation “University Student” and My Peace Friend united to hold the meeting together. Especially Miss. Kim Anh who is the leader of the students group and Miss Hanh took an initiative, and lead other students and friends as a team of Peace Week.

These 2 months they prepare for January, and February project called Peace Message Video Interview with Secondary students.

In January we try to visit several school and hold lecture, and cooperate in the project.
Now it is the time of preparation, “Planning”

I haven’t heard the detail of this meeting, but through the pictures which Miss. Hanh Huynh sent, I could feel how great meeting they held.

I am so glad to see and to hear that they all take responsibility and help each other.

Great team with great people.
I appreciate them for keeping their motivation and endeavour.

Cam On! (Thank you in Vietnamese)


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Peace Pledge ~ Peace for Kids ~

17 Nov

“Peace for our kids”
I pledge to use my words to speak in a kind way.
I pledge to help others as I go throughout my day.
I pledge to care for our earth with my healing heart and hands.
I pledge to respect people in each and every land.
I pledge to join together as we unite the big and small.
I pledge to do my part to create peace for one and all.


Not only for Paris, but we need to pray for this world with “LOVE”

14 Nov

Not only for Paris, but we need to pray for this world.
Not only Paris, but nowadays many places so many innocent people
suffer from this world situation.

What we need to do is not to hate each other,
but we need to know that we can love each other.
Love is the only way to make world a better place.

As we love family, sister & brother, we can love the others.
As we thank family, sister & brother, we can thank the other.
As we show family, sister & brother our kindness, we can show the others our kindness.
As we show family, sister & brother forgiveness, we can show the others our forgiveness.
As we show family, sister & brother apology, we can show the other our apology.
As we show family, sister & brother compassion, we can show the other our compassion.

All religions teach us how to make a world a better place, how to make a world a peaceful place from our behavior.

Don’t hate anybody because of the differences of religious believes.
Don’t hate anybody because of the differences of skin color.
Don’t hate anybody because of the differences of way of thinking.

We all have same humanity in our heart, nothing different.

We are all same, I love everybody, I thank everybody, I respect all differences.
And as one of human being I express my love, my appreciation, and my kindness for everybody.

We are all one whom live in this mother Earth.


Peace Week – Interview with Yuji Miyata

14 Nov

Among the various activities of our Peace Week 2015-2016 at NAS we had a great opportunity to interview Mr. Yuji Miyata, a peace messenger and environmentalist from Japan. Students interviewed Mr. Miyata and learned from him a lot about peace and saving the environment.
p.s.: Pardon us for the uncontrollable noise in the background; this is just an attempt by students at school NOT a professional TV interview!!!!

Peace Week 2015-2016 Dubai UAE

12 Nov

From 7th to 10th of November I was in Dubai UAE and held lectures at School in order to spread the message of peace. All the event which we have done during my staying was organized by my Syrian wonderful friend, school principal & head of high school, and teachers. Every single activities with students were breathtaking amazing, and all became my great unforgettable memories.

The school where I visited named New Academy School located in Dubai UAE, and from kindergarten to high school students study at school. The principal, Head of High School, and teachers all have a wonderful view of life which focus the real name of education thinking the young generation’s bright future.

Nowadays due to the situation of the world trend, school education also get full of influences, and many school in this world have kept just stuffed education. It is just for score for entering better school or better companies, however those prejudiced education following competition society, elite society, and materialism, made kids to forget most importance of our life – humanity, morality, common sense, and respect multi culture, and diversity. Although the school and place of Dubai was really amazed and they have very great point of view for young generation, and try to grow global citizens.
I could easy to understand why school principal and teachers all have great mind.
These are the points which I understood through my staying at Dubai is as bellow

1.) At Dubai most of the people came from abroad, whom have different background of culture, religions, and way of thinking,
2.) Almost everybody can speak English,
3.) Because of the environment, and atmosphere people naturally be able to raise the awareness of peace, and respect the multi-culture and diversity.
4.) Through the deepen the respect multi culture and diversity, and raise the awareness of peace, people and school all together educate great educations,
5.) All atmosphere gives great impact for all kids whom lives in Dubai.

During my staying at Dubai I saw the way of our future for peace at Dubai, and I felt great hope for the peace from this school and students who study at school.

At end of my staying at Dubai, I had a chance to have a conversation with Principal.
From Principal I received New Academy School Star Awards and certificate.

It was my great honor and pleasure to visit school and we promised for future cooperation in growing global citizens for peace through our project cooperation in School of Peace Program!12227313_869272223189782_1450446085_o (1) 12227313_869272223189782_1450446085_o 12227476_869270859856585_1385019421_o 12228032_869271856523152_1414812116_o 12235397_869270933189911_1842487064_o 12235533_869271813189823_549069806_o 12235617_869270943189910_798742306_o 12235646_869271489856522_1647028900_o 12235681_869271293189875_636736866_o 12236621_869270816523256_1892113980_o 12236688_869271073189897_64132562_o 12236730_869270999856571_1725020113_o 12236946_869271239856547_1557028686_o 12236958_869271349856536_876257947_o 12242830_869271776523160_234667406_o 12242874_869271793189825_1599813083_o 12242968_869270763189928_630756792_o 12242973_869270456523292_1619069939_o 12242973_869271419856529_1099593436_o 12248544_869270883189916_1808064403_o 12250250_869271399856531_1429092164_o 12250364_869271673189837_139544253_o 12250471_869270836523254_1862282128_o 12250591_869271709856500_1637070522_o DSC_0758 DSC_0771 DSC_0777 DSC_0780 DSC_0781 DSC_0783 DSC_0784 DSC_0785 DSC_0787 DSC_0790 DSC_0791 DSC_0792 DSC_0796 DSC_0798 DSC_0869 DSC_0870 DSC_0872 DSC_0883 DSC_0901 DSC_0903 DSC_0904 DSC_0912 DSC_0928 DSC_0933 DSC_0956 DSC_0960 DSC_0965 DSC_0976 DSC_0977 DSC_0979 DSC_0984 DSC_0987

Reunion with my dearest Syrian Friend

9 Nov

On 08th of November, from Sofia Bulgaria I came to Dubai for reunion with my dearest Syrian friend whom has gave me an inspiration, and encouragement.

When I was walking through the country to country from China to London for spreading the message of peace, we met at Hama Syria.
Since the time of an encounter, he, his family, his relative, and his friends have kept supporting my Peace actions.

They have kept focus on conscience, and humanity, even if their country’s situation became worst. It is greatest and strongest peaceful heart which I have ever seen,
and their attitude always leads the way of my peace actions.

These previous few month, we had deep conversation, and at end we agreed to cooperate in peace education.
Today our dreams came true at Dubai!

From tomorrow on 8th 9th and 10th using 3 days we will hold lectures at high school, and secondary school. Moreover with Principal we will try to make an agreement for cooperation in school of peace project!

I do appreciate my dearest friend Hussam and his family for all the time encouragement and support. From now it is beginning of our cooperation for giving students more opportunity to deepen the awareness of Peace!12235280_867622916688046_179992758_o 12209022_867168460066825_596432728_o 12207474_867168323400172_1512104226_o 12209076_867168260066845_1485841973_o 12227428_867168226733515_314690570_o

Japanese school wise education

3 Nov

Here is JAPANESE Primary school atmosphere. At school students
1.) Clean the school everyday
2.) Serve lunch and eat lunch together
(all together serve the meals for others and when all dish ready for all they start to eat not eat separately.), and
3.) Clean up after the meal together
Through this traditional school activities, naturally

Through daily activities at school naturally Japanese young generation can learn **<Morality>, <Etiquette>,<Salutation>,and <Cooperativeness>.

These things -learning from daily life activities, and not only at school but actually at home family teach their kids, and community also teach the things traditionally.

These are the most basics, and most important things in our life which adult people and many teacher forget.

The video is great example.
After watching the video, what do you feel?


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