Not tooth for tooth, an eye for eye, but with humanity & respect diversity and multi-culture we can make better world

2 Sep

This year Peace Education called “Peace Week” 2015 main theme was “War & Peace, and Global Responsibility for Peace & for World”

Following the theme, all students whom would be the participants of the education, have visited people whom have war experiences and listen the peace message and message for future generation forgetting all different view of the war which following political issue, or nations which have made world to be more complicated in order to unite the world as one planet and deepen the common awareness of peace and global citizenship for peace.

However due to country of Japan (-where I have tired to hold peace education at this year) situation of politics and several issue, we decided to cancel the project at Japan. It made me terribly upset.

Although the other country people & students kept their endeavors whatever the situation – following their innocent heart and passion for peace.

Here is Taiwan team report and they promised to keep visiting the people whom have war experiences with other students, and those experiences they will share to younger students at their country.

Not only Taiwan but also at Vietnam and at other country all have kept doing the actions and try to learn and share the real meaning of the way of peace learning from each country old people who overcame the situation of the war losing their precious people and seeing the hardest situation of the world.

It is the time to release the frame of human being, and keep appreciate the ancestor, and as our ancestor kept the planet mother earth, now it is our tern to make much peaceful and beautiful world for future generation whom would be birth in the future.

We all have those responsibility for Peace and for the world.
Not tooth for the tooth An eyes for the eye,
But respect multi culture and diversity with respect, appreciation, forgiveness, apology and compassion which is basic of humanity we can make one world with peace heart.

Peace is possible if we really wish.

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“Peace is not something you wish for”

30 Aug

“Peace is not something you wish for.
It’s something you make, something you do,
something you are, and something you give away.”

Thank you is the way to change our view of life and to change the world a better place

19 Aug

Since 2013 I have held Peace Education Project called Peace Week. As one of education I always ask students to say “thank you” at least 5 times a day.

This is very good way to realise
-What is the connection with others,
-How many people show us their kindness and compassion with their consideration, and
-How lucky we are that we can live with those people together.

Through the actions of showing our appreciation we can know
-how important to show our humanity, goodwill and kindness to those people who help us and support our life, and to be able to know that also we can help the others and support the others through our words and attitude with humanity in order to make a better world.

Nowadays many people forget how happy we are, and how lucky we are, and couldn’t show our appreciation and respect the others, and easy to be selfish & do not care the others… to be able to start to hate or against or express hate speech for the others easily…

To show our appreciation is the key of our life to make happier and to make better world.

Let’s try to express our appreciation once a day, exactly your world view start to change and from our behaviour can influence the world from our words and deeds by positive way!

Lastly I would like to express deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of the people who make the road of peace through my life.

When you leave this world, what do you wish for?

11 Aug
11870934_1619370991671784_6059988802011152152_n 11855609_1619370985005118_7408677287478564119_n 11873734_1619370978338452_7657854380446015015_n 11870719_1619370981671785_1029392714374310071_n 11817023_1619370988338451_695759119937898672_n Our life is too short. Our life Is too small. Our knowledge is too little. However most of the people could not realize about it, and keep their richness or position, or power just for themselves.

These kind of people think “I am the best”, “I am the greatest”, “I am the cleverest”, or “I am the richest and powerful person in this world”… When we know about how small we are, and when we know about our limit of our life, and when we leave from this world, what do you want to do? Raising money? Keeping our position? Control the world? for one’s self? and sacrifice the kids and people suffering poverty or war? I do believe we all have wonderful heart of compassion. I do believe we all have wonderful heart of kindness. I do believe we all have wonderful heart of respect and appreciation. Wouldn’t it better to forget our pride or interest or position or power? But focus on our goodwill and humanity??and give those kids a hope and dream for their future? We are small, our life is too short, therefore we need to unite and make a world a better place for those innocent kids. Everybody have a responsibility for this world and for future. We all believe you and trust you to start wonderful steps for peace!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Why we had those history of the war?

6 Aug

Today 6th of August is the day of memory of Hiroshima.
August 6th, 1945 was one of the deadliest days in history, when the United States detonated an atomic bomb over Hiroshima, Japan, killing tens of thousands and leaving an impact that still shakes people to the core today.

Why we had those history of the war?, and
Why we still have had those fighting and conflict and argument due to the differences of human races??
What is the reason and what is the cause for??

Yes we all have differences of human race following our origins, religions, and gender or generation, we do need to respect and appreciate all of our origins,
however when we have fixation for our origins too much the time exactly we have start argument with someone, from argument we start our conflict, and it grows fighting and war. And at end full of innocent people have to suffer due to the origins and pushing our opinion to the others.

We all have a different way of thinking,
We all have a different back ground following our origins.
We all have a different need for our nations, community and individual.

What we need is not too much focus on those stuff.
But we need to focus on common awareness of peace, and common feeling of humankind.

With our consideration, with our kindness, with our appreciation or respect,
We can make great relationship with others.
People also, community also, country also, because all those groups consist of individual person.

When we can make good relationship with others, we can make good relationship with other community.
When we can make good relationship with other community, we can make good relationship with other nations.
When we can make good relationship with other nations, we can make peaceful world together.

From our humanity we can make a world much better place!
All comes from individual awareness and consciousness!

Peace is possible if we really wish! Think and learn the history and let’s start to make new steps forward for Peace each other!

Love you!
Respect you!
Appreciate you!
Admire you!
Peace be with you!


Love & Peace

5 Aug

When I got some attack, or became a target of mental abuse,
I despair and have a pain in my heart. But always remember two things!

1. There are no any way of solution from negativities.
2. The way of love and way of truth always won.

I do not use any hate speech or against, or demonstration or protect
but with love with self-sacrifice I do try to show our way of mankind.
Whenever, Wherever, Whatever, However, and Whoever,
If we keep our peace in our heart, and show our love
people will start to understand you, and these problems would be disappear immediately.

People all have great heart of peace and great heart of love.
Love is the just the way for peace.

Announcement ~Kids interviewer listening the Peace Message from people who have had a war experiecens~

3 Aug


Dear All

This year is very very very important year for Peace, and this year UN International Day of Peace main theme is
“Partnership for Peace” Dignity for Peace.

Kindly I would like to annouce all of my friends in this world who I met, who I cooperated, and
who stayed together to gather the Peace Message Video from People who have had war experiences and
ask them for simple message of Peace through War Experiences, and message for next generation whom will not know the War!

It is world wide partnership in order to make peace in this world through the Peace Message from people who have seen
and who have had the exactly the worst situation of human being.

<Idea & Theme>
<Peace Message from people who have had a war experiecens>
and interviewer is kids who do not know what is war, what is real meaning of Peace.

<Purpose and Backgound>
-Why I do want to do this is because this year is 70anniversary of ending WW2, and I felt it is the last chance for listening real voice of people who have had war in order to deepen the awareness of peace and global responsibility for peace and for our future generation.

KIDS – every single kids are our target

<Target for interview>
People who have had war experiences

It is simple one question-
“Would you please give kids the message for Peace?”

<Video length>
1-5 mins

1st of Sep 2015

<Place to send>

This one we would like togather as much as we can and I would like to make world Peace mesage and officially release at international day of Peace when is 21st of September!

Please give us the hands and give kids for the great opportunity to listen the people who have had a war experiences in order to deepen the awareness of Peace!

I fully convince that it is golden message for everybody to think about peace from kids!

Thank you so much for your great helsp. Let’ make it together!

Yours sincerely

Compassion & Love cans across the nations making Peace in our heart

2 Aug

pray for japan

My Syrian friend reposted the great heart of Syrian. “Peace Heart”
In 2011 March when the earthquack was happens in Japan, I was in Syria.
The time the conflict already started in Syria, however they do not worry about them,
but they worry about me, my family and Japanese people.

Time by time Syria situation became worse and worse, I came back to my country,
and visited many countries in order to gather the doncation for Syria.

This is the great emaple that through our humanity and love,
We can across the frame of human being, and we can over come the situation
and share our love, and our humanity for everybody!

Thank you so much my precious Syrian friend who keep reminding me and
pray for me and pray for Japan!

We can make peace in this world!

Where there is love, there is life

1 Aug


I love everybody. I love the mother Earth.
I appreciate everybody, I appreciate all creature.
Because without you, we can not make our circulation of this world.
Everybody are precious, and when we know the meaning of life
we can start to share our love for everybody!

Global Common feeling is the key of Peace

30 Jul

Since 2007 I have done my peace and protection the environment actions in this world. And this year – important year for peace – 70 anniversary of ending of World War 2, 40 anniversary of ending of Vietnam war, and 25th anniversary of falling of Berlin Wall, I myself as Japanese I have tried to do an action in Japan using all of my experiences and knowledge and skills for Japan from Japan.

Till now why I have not tried to do any actions in my country Japan because Japanese society is one of closed society following education society and elite society and little conservative country due to the geographical reason of Island . Japan have kept peace over 70 years, Japan have helped many countries in this world, Japan have grown very fast and entered in the top rich country in this world. However in my opinion through the 70 years after World War 2, Japanese people have forgotten the sense of Japanese, “Morality”, “Common Sense”, and “Humanity” compare with past time.

I would like to give several example through my experiences.

1.)- In a train or bus, or inside of the transportation in Japan, – it is normal thing that if we see some old people, we try to give the seat – but Japan when I came back, just I myself try to do the actions for taking care of older one….no one try to do same things as I try
2.)-People’s attitude for good actions – people they do not believe the good actions, or good mind. The media news broadcast bad news every single day, some of incident, some of accident, or some misery in Japan. But when some people try to do some good things – suddenly people doubt, attack and against those good stuff- just because of the name of risk, or people just follow the materialism and capitalism – people couldn’t trust those self-sacrifice. This time situation is exactly told us the Japanese people’s mentality not all of them but some part of people who live in Japan.

I myself for Japan for real peace – we tried to connect two city between Poland Oswiecim and Japan Minami-Kyushu – in order to spread real peace message. The purpose was to forget all the frame of human being which is race, religions, gender, generation, and past frame of the history like, winner or loser, victim or assailant, strong or weak, across these all frame and for the name of peace we tried to do some exchanging program of youth and culture in order to deepen the awareness of peace, and respect multi culture and diversity.

However as soon as media broadcasted the news – people started against the pure partnership for peace. – their opinion is -it is not same back ground- between “Tokko” & “Massacre”, and if connected with two city – people afraid that the place may become same position as Nazi, and the place may become the place of symbol of assailant and unreasonableness of former Japanese forces, and it is disrespect for those young soldier who flew as suicide attack – no choice but to follow the order of government with their pure love and pray for their family, lovers, friends, and children.

When I read these people who against the partnership – opinions – I felt full of worry about this country Japan future. –Yes there are young soldier flew for Japan as “Kamikaze” – Japanese people and we all need to know the truth, and truth is that we all have same feeling that we all have same mentality of human being, “Love the family, love the friends, love the lovers, and love children,” But also same time they felt “Destiny” and Determined to use their life for future peaceful world.
– The wonderful touching message we can see at Peace Museum at Minami-Kyushu.

The biggest point is NOT FOCUS on the past history political view, but we need to FOCUS on our same common feeling and mind of humanity and FOCUS on the future generation to not make same sad incident and not to make same mistake of WAR. This point “Do not need to make same mistake of WAR and Incident”  is exactly same view for all of us.
It is global common feeling in this world.

“Oswiecim”- they did great way of education in order to not make same mistake of WAR GLOBALLY & LOCALLY. People who do not know Oswiecim atmosphere, or People just visit the museum as a one day tour – easy to focus on just the history of massacre but, if we visit and stay with people – we do can feel different point of atmosphere which is all different nationality from students to adult people they helped each other and educate people, educate young students the common feeling of humanity and War in a various actions – such as volunteer, education at educational exchange facility, and culture event – Exhibition, Poem, lecture, Theater, and Music event!

World nowadays -people do not focus on the image of the country, but people have been able to say good thing is good, and focus on future generation, many places from government, NGO, school all together try to educate Peace in a various actions with many different people -Parents, -teacher, -neighbor, -foreigner, and -elder students all together people try to make a better world. Yes we need to remind our origins. We need to respect ancestor, and with our respect and appreciation we need to learn and we need to step forward to the bright future not go back to the  war.

Now Japan the point many people need to remind our goodness and humanity, morality, and common sense, and global view of the world. I convince that when WE “Japanese” remind the point, exactly we can take initiative for making peaceful world in this world as just only country where suffer from atomic bomb, and just only one country where have not had fighting over 70 years!


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