Author: Yuji Earthman

Since 2007 As Peace Messenger, I had spread the message of peace and environmental protection to the global community by various actions for peace, to inspire, to encourage, and to empower the ordinary people to be able to start the works at their living area individually. Over 9 years action since 2007 I have walked 13,100 km, planting 5008 trees, visiting 800 schools and 250 orphanages, and organize the Peace educational events & projects in 20 different countries. After my long walking mission from China to London, I realized every single country and place - young generation has kept their pure heart, and genuine humanity, however, due to the world trend so many young generations suffer from Adult people. To protect and raise the wise young age, I began a new project called “Peace Week." Our Organization inspires and empowers ordinary citizens to start the action for peace & awakens people's "Humanity" & "Inner-peace" through real education. The primary goal is the Young generation to be able to think about Peace, to act for peace, to spread the peace, and to imagine the peace individually and cooperate & unit with different people who have the different frame of the human being toward Peace. And moreover, through the raising the awareness of Peace & Protection the environment among young people, we will try to make a better world and more decent world where all people & creatures can live together happily and peacefully. ■Peace Walk from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany 604km walked Through my walking from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany -21 of February to 25th of April, I walked 604kms & planted 12 trees, held 12 lectures at schools & local community, 17 media I got interviews from TV, Radio, and Newspaper – and for spreading real peace message through tree planting at Berlin on Earth Day, more than 585 people from 20 different countries they gathered the signature of Petition and sent Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, and Mayor of Berlin. ■Peace Week Institution 2013 held the project at Sofia Bulgaria cooperated with Bulgaria Ministry of Environment and Water, United Nation Association of Bulgaria, 3 different Municipality from Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Ministry of Education Croatia. ■Pray for Syria Project 1 October 2012 to present ■Taiwan Church Press "Yuji の地球物語” Column April 2011 to December 2012 ■International Day of Peace Celebration & Peace Monument Unveiling Ceremony On 21 September 2012 The UN Peace Day Ceremony Celebrated in Edirne Turkey cooperating with Edirne Governorship, Ministry of Education, and Municipality of Edirne. ■CELEBRATION EARTH WALK from SOUTH KOREA to LONDON ENGLAND 2012 January 2009 to 27 July 2012 Walked 12,500 km for a total of five years, planted 3050 trees, visited 500 schools and 200 orphanages in 17 different countries (China, South Korean, Okinawa, Taiwan Vietnam Cambodia, Thailand, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, England.) It was for spreading Peace & Environmental Message with lots of people including Government, NGO, Media, and Local people ■International day of Peace ceremony at Edirne Turkey On 21 September 2011 The UN Peace Day Ceremony celebrated in Edirne Turkey by holding cultural Performance (Arts, music concert,), Peace day celebration (Praying, Planting tree, Speech for Peace), and many activities. It was supported by Edirne Anatolian High School of Fine Arts and Sports, Edirne City Government, Turkey Social & Culture Department, Environment & Forestry Directorate, Edirne Education Department, and Europe & International Relations Office and Peace Messenger & Environmentalist Yuji Miyata ■Ramsar International Conference COP10 support walk August 2008 to November 2008 Walked 650km, planting trees ■Joined UN PEACE AMBASSADOR PAUL COLEMAN Green Olympic walk support Green the Beijing Olympic December 2007 to August 2008 walked 2200km and planting 234trees.
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2006年自分の人生において婚約者と大切な親友を同時期に失い涙し、自暴自棄に陥り、自殺も試みた1年間。 人生とは何か、世界と自分との繋がりとはなにか、そして世界で起こっている終わる事のない戦争、紛争、そして貧困問題、数々の問題を深く考え、自分の幸せを第一に考えた人生から、他人の為、世界の為に自分を捧げる人生を生きぬく決意をした年。[…]

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孟子對曰:「有。惟仁者為能以大事小,是故湯事葛,文王事昆夷。惟智者為能以小事大,故大王事燻鬻,勾踐事吳。以大事小者,樂天者也;以小事大者,畏天者也。樂天者,保天下;畏天者,保其國。」   “仁がある王は、その国の大きさで小さな国に仕える”、 “知がある小国の王は、大国に仕え、友好ができる”   大国は小国を“仁(温情)”で守り、 小国は大国を”知(知恵)”と礼節でもって仕える   惟仁者為能以大事小(ただ仁者のみよく大を以て小につかうるを為す)=「大国であっても小国を侮らずに礼を尽くすことがことができるのは仁者なればこそである。   小国でありながら、大国の圧迫に耐えて上手に立ち回ることができるのは、智者なればこそです」事は「つかえる」と読み、仕えると同じ意味。