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PEACE MESSENGER & ENVIRONMENTALIST President of Peace Week Institute Sustainable Community & Social Consultant Designer 2001 ~2005 Keio Gijuku Shounan Hujisawa Policy Management I studied and graduated from Keio University in Japan, majoring in Policy Management before going on to Korea where I studied Korean language and later entered Yonsei post-graduate school. However, my love of nature and environment led to reconsider my decision and chose to leave the graduate school to pursue a career protecting the earth. I decided to become an activist spreading the word to people about the need to preserve the environment. Soon after my decision, I joined Earthwalker, Paul Coleman on his mission to help green the Beijing Olympic games Since 2007 As Peace messenger – a special project called CELEBRATION EARTH - which is leading event of  International day of peace - “The Culture of Peace Initiative”, designated by the United Nations as a Peace Messenger Initiative and the leading event of the 2009 International Day of Peace, I have been spreading the message of peace and environmental protection to the global community by walking and doing several kinds of activities such as organizing Peace Day events, the planting of trees, helping and giving hope to young generations especially orphans. Since I started my actions, I walked 14,100 km, planting 5032 trees, visiting 805 schools and 300 orphanages in 22 different countries. After the long walking mission from China to London, walking 12,500 km for a total of five years, planting 4060 trees, visiting 700 schools and 200 orphanages in 17 different countries, I have built institute called “Peace Week”. It is planned as an educational & sustainable social development program which spreads peace & environment projection through various program School of Peace: Young Kids from Kindergarten to Junior High school -Raising the awareness of protection environment & Peace and learning the way of respect the diversity & finding the real role of each individual role through our life Peace Week;  High school & University student -Using the awareness, learning the destiny and practice the way of approaching the way of inspiring people, settle the life goal with the short-term, middle-term, and long-term vision for their lives and change the society through individual actions from family, local community, city, country, and the world. EKOPA; local community program Through our individual actions, reconnect local people, remake the community system and all together we try to look after the weak people at community -such as elderly people & children, and all together transfer the knowledge, experiences, skills, material, land, to make sustainable community and society as a one family sharing & helping each other. Through various way of approaching the education at the local & global level of programs, we try to reconnect people & reform the way of society which can make peaceful atmosphere from smallest size of community "Family" where look after the elderly people, transfer our knowledge to next generation, grow the next wise children who could have awareness of peace & environment protection, & real way of life with respecting multicultured diversity. We are convinced that It will make the sustainable way of society from local level, not only educational program but started to make the platform & facility, as final steps with local people, we called it -"EKOPIA" (Ecological Utopia -where all can feel dignity and respected, and can live happily & peacefully as the one family) Following the aims and doing the actions we try to make a world a better place and peaceful place. ■Baltic Way Peace Walk From Tallinn to Vilnius 705kms walked along the Baltic Way from Tallinn to Vilnius from 30th of June to 21st of September. ■EKOPIA Project 2016~ ■Peace Walk from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany 604km walked Through my walking from Auschwitz Poland to Berlin Germany -21 of February to 25th of April, I walked 604kms & planted 12 trees, held 12 lectures at schools & local community, 17 media I got interviews from TV, Radio, and Newspaper – and for spreading real peace message through tree planting at Berlin on Earth Day, more than 585 people from 20 different countries they gathered the signature of Petition and sent Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, and Mayor of Berlin. ■Peace Week Institution -2013, 2014  held this project at Sofia Bulgaria cooperated with Bulgaria Ministry of Environment and Water, Ministry of Youth & Sport, Embassy of Indonesia, Egypt, Palestine, South Korea and Japan, United Nation Association of Bulgaria, Municipality of Sofia (Bulgaria), Municipality of Kutina (Croatia), Municipality of Jagodina (Serbia), and Ministry of Education Croatia. And this year 2015 he will hold the project in Japan Kagoshima Chiran where has sad history of the WW2 as same as Auschwitz. ■Pray for Syria Project 1 October 2012 to present ■Taiwan Church Press “Yuji の地球物語”Column April 2011 to December 2012 ■International Day of Peace Celebration & Peace Monument Unveiling Ceremony On 21 September 2012 The UN Peace Day Ceremony Celebrated in Edirne Turkey cooperating with Edirne Governorship, Ministry of Education, and Municipality of Edirne. ■CELEBRATION EARTH WALK from SOUTH KOREA to LONDON ENGLAND 2012 January 2009 to 27 July 2012 Walked 12,500 km for a total of five years, planting 3050 trees, visiting 500 schools and 200 orphanages in 17 different countries (China, South Korean, Okinawa, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, France, England) for spreading Peace & Environmental Message with lots of people including Government, NGO, Media, and Local people ■International day of Peace ceremony at Edrine Turkey On 21 September 2011 The UN Peace Day Ceremony celebrated in Edirne Turkey by holding cultural Performance (Arts, music concert,), Peace day celebration (Praying, Planting tree, Speech for Peace), and many activities. It was supported by Edirne Anatolian High School of Fine Arts and Sports, Edirne City Government, Turkey Social & Culture Department, Environment & Forestry Directorate, Edirne Education Department, and Europe & International Relations Office and Peace Messenger & Environmentalist Yuji Miyata ■Ramsar International Conference COP10 support walk August 2008 to November 2008 Walked 650km, planting trees ■Joined Green Olympic walk support Green the Beijing Olympic December 2007 to August 2008 walked 2200km and planting 234trees. Every day I try my best and encourage, inspire the local people through my actions.
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