Communication with our mind & our body is the key to peace

How many people always pay attention to our body health and choose the right product & eat healthy product?
These days we can buy & we can eat a variety of food from all over the world. How many people think about the food security?
All the way to enter our body, the ingredient travels long distances. So most of the food which we eat has full of artificial additives, it makes us need a more salty product, and the artificial additive, even scientist, do not know how it affects our body health.

Is it safe? And do you know how to detox that chemical from our body?

Why I talk about this, it is because I have had experiences to get bad influences from the food during my walking.
When I have been walking all over the world, I have no choice but to buy the food or to eat at a restaurant, or to eat at local people’s house with an invitation which has not many options to keep my body health. As a peace messenger, I had to learn the country culture, so as mush as I can, I ate all kinds of local cuisine.
In the end, I lost my health….
Since the time, I have tried to communicate with my body. Day by day I could understand my body situation and communicate with my body. And my food habit has changed a lot such as during my walking & daily; I do not need to eat three meals a day just have one meal per day. ( When people invited me for having a meal, the time whenever I joined their meals. ) I could understand what kind of food does my body needs.
As soon as I could communicate with my body, I could understand my feelings and my emotions. I can control and keep my healthy body & peaceful mind most of the time.

It is the first steps to make us feel happiness & peace inside of our body. Because of our greed, because of our way of thinking, craving, due to this sense of feelings, we hurt ourselves physically & spiritually.
To avoid the feelings & to justify ourselves, we have bad food habit such as drinking, smoking, taking lots of sugar, or addictive something bad for our body… spiritually telling a lie, expressing some hate speech, showing anger, or attacking people.

Here is some of my way to keep my healthy body.

Once a day I have a meal in the evening. Meanwhile, I just take carrot & apple juice as a breakfast & Lunch. No snack or no sweet, no first food.
With this juice from morning to evening, I take Chlorella which detoxes the body and gives me a full of mineral & vitamin, and Vitamin C which is one of the stuff that our body cannot produce inside. When I feel some starving, I eat my home-made vinegar seaweed and hand-made pickles & yogurt.

This habit makes my body feel very strong, makes me a clear mind, and from healthy body reach to our good behavior using my words and deeds.