”For Happiness” the most important thing is “Right View” (Right Understanding).

”For Happiness” the most important thing is “Right View” (Right Understanding).

In our behavior, there would be right & good behavior and wrong & bad behavior, it can say in the different way of expression, would be “Moral behavior” and “Immoral behavior.” Much more easiest way to express the words of “Behavior” would be, proficient behavior” and “immature behavior.”

When we do the immature & bad behavior, temporary we could feel happiness, like a drug dealer, enjoy their life with a luxury new car or feel self-satisfied taking the revenge on the person who hurt oneself.

We can say when we do some immature and bad behavior, we will be in trouble and suffer. When we check oneself, we can verify the truth.
Inside of the suffering and trouble, there is invisible mental suffering such as “Sense of Guilty” and “Regrets”, and not appears immediately on our surface.

For our happiness, we need to stop our immoral & bad behavior and do a good &moral behavior.
-To think, To speak, To behave, all of the things are related to our result, we cannot avoid it.

If we understand it, we will naturally start our way of thinking, our way of speak and way of behavior which can reach to the good result. and we will stop our behaviors which make a bad result.

When we understand the cause makes the result, we could accept the result which comes from our previous behavior.

Good & Moral Behavior is the behavior which makes a reason for happiness such as a feeling of fondness for and kindness towards another person.
All behavior without greed, anger, ignorance, makes people who behave & receive feel happiness.

For example, to use our feeling of fondness for and kindness toward all creature, it is the good reasons and case, and what would be the result?

We would have lots of friends, beloved by so many people, and our heart can relax more and calm. Even someone gets angry or offend us we will not be in trouble.

When we do a good & moral behavior, we could have 2 results.One is an internal result which feels in our heart. Every single moment we consider the behavior which feeling of fondness & kindness, therefore our heart always calm and comfortable, the another result is an external result which is to appreciate by other people, but it is not very important.

So I hope now everybody could understand the good proficient moral behavior makes a good result.

This is the one of the ways of making us feel happiness.
Not following our greed, anger, ignorance, but following our feelings of fondness for and kindness toward other people, we would feel more happiness.