Tree Planting with Brilliant Innocent kids at High School 15 Adam Mitskevic.

Today 30th of May, Mr. Stoyan & Ms. Daniela and I visited High School 15 Adam Mitskevic to plant trees with kids & held a short lecture.

The program took place by the school teacher Ms. Izabela sponsored by Mr. Stoyan & Ms. Daniela company named Viridis Landscape Architects.

Background of the program is coming from Mr. Stoyan, Ms. Daniela and the company “Viridis Landscape Architects.” They have participated in the global initiative park (ing) day in Sofia since 2015, retreated the usual place for cars and turned into a field of arts, art installations, and fresh ideas and make the unique bird using an ecological material to collect the donation for tree planting & environment protections.

They keep holding lots of event for tree planting and environmental actions at difference place including school, public park, etc.
And today we visited the High School 15 Adam Mitskevic for the actions which are really fantastic idea to raise the awareness and motivate people & kids to learn the way of sustainable life with small steps of actions

Me myself, I always do enjoy the time with the kids and activities of tree planting. It is the most wonderful activities that can bring me a full of energy to feel happiness and to empower the kids to know we all can do small actions for nature.

Always the kids amazed me through their innocent, expression of joy and love. During the time of staying at school, kids came, and even I cannot speak Bulgarian, they came and spoke how much they love me, ask for living their house, or joining their picnic, and coming back to their school to meet them again.

It was amazing peaceful day today.

I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Stoyan & Ms. Daniela, Ms. Izabela, and the kids who participated in the program for their wonderful, brilliant energy & event for this earth.

I love you all and hope to see the kids again very soon.