EKOPIA -Never Worry about the numbers. Help one person at a time & always start with the person nearest you.

Here is my new project “EKOPIA” detail.

Nowadays because of Globalisation, Capitalism, and High speed changing the world trend, people have been living in a hurry forgetting the importance of our life such as humanity & nature.

Due to this serious issue in this world, in the future, there would be more problems in this world, to make our world a better place and peaceful place we need to rethink about the way of society system and the way of life. We all have a right to be happy, we all have a right to enjoy our life with family.

Due to the world situation, we are all busy to earn money, have to keep paying tax for our entire life. In this situation how can we make more time for family? And enjoy our life?

Through our organization facility, we try to show the other way of life which can make all feel happiness taking care the old people who took care of us and teaching children who are our hope for the future. We try to make the world a better place from the local area.

Not government, not a rich man or people who have a position or power!
but “WE” each of us have a power to make your life peacefully & beautifully.

It is the enormous challenge, and without one of yours support,
it would be very hard to achieve the goal. I believe we can reach our aim and vision together.

Mother Teresa said this words
“Help a one person at a time and always start with the person nearest one.” It is the point of making the world a better place especially nowaday.

The project aim & purpose “Reconnecting the people” & “Reforming the community system,” and “Sharing our humanity” as well as we do express our humanity to our family, is the way to live more peacefully and beautifully.

Not only my main project of EKOPIA, but I would also like everybody to start some actions in your place for your family & your friends and make the beautiful atmosphere with your family & friends.

And if it possible I want everyone to share these daily efforts with your family & friends at our group page. (This is only one request to be a member of the group.)

It would be great encouragement & inspiration for each of us, and across the country, we can make an incredible connection with each other and reach the goal together.

Please join us & be the project supporter!
Let’s gather the each of individual effort to rebuild the way of the community system together!