The real harm of the global arms trade | Samantha Nutt

Here is the wonderful clip which tells us the real situation of the war, and who make the situation in this world.

In the poor country located in Middle of East or Africa, it is easier to access to get the small arms & a light weapon or small automatical rifle than it is to access to get clean drinking water.

The most of the countries that are currently at war and number of people who have either died or have been displaced as a result of the violence are in the global South. And the world top 20 exporters of small arms in this world are mostly countries in the global North – primarily Western countries.

It is not only can say the situation of the weapons but also all can say all of our dairy product condition of supply & demand.
At wealthy country in this world are located in the global North, and we have kept using the natural resources of the countries where are currently at war and having serious problems of poverty in the global South. And we give them back those cheap weapons like small arms and keep the situation of the war or problems.

We really need to think about the way of spending our money,
we really need to shift the system and the balance of the economy.

That is why the system which I try to make in this world where can shift the global system of demand and supply,
is very very important.

Please watch the clip and think about our daily life supply & demand,
and way of spending the money at the country & global impact.

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