To the world with “harmony” and “cooperation.”

To the world with “harmony” and “cooperation.”
Just by praying to God, we can not solve any essential problems. I am a Buddhist, so I believe in prayer. However, we are human beings who have created this problem, we are now seeking solutions to God. Then, the line does not pass. God is sure to say like this. “Solve it yourself.” Because the beginning is ours. “Harmony” and “cooperation,” what we need to nurture humanitarian value is a planned approach. If you can start right now, this century will have a different result than before. That is the benefit of all of us living in this world. Let’s make it for peace in our family and society. Do not expect salvation from God. Of course, also to the Buddha and the government. The problem we are faced today is not the result of a slight “superficial difference” of faith and nationality. We are all human beings.

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