Importance to keep time of appointment

<People who keep promises,
characteristics of people who can not keep promises,
Importance to keep time of appointment>
I will introduce you.
Whether it is business or private, as people and people engage in involvement. There are important things.
Particularly important is the foundation part, but what is the difference between the person who keeps the promise and the character of the person who can not keep the promise?
There is a simple rule.
If you keep promise you will be trusted.
Trust will break if you fail to keep your promise.
Trust is like saving money
If you can save it and save that trust
We can earn wealth.
He is one of the world’s leading investors
Warren Buffett left very impressive words
“From the people around me,
It takes 20 years to gain trust.
But the trust is It may collapse in only 5 minutes.
If you keep that in mind
The way of life in the future will change.
No matter how much money you lose
I can not bear to lose the trust of customers”
That is why it is important to say trust, to gain trust
It is necessary to become a guard who always keeps promises.
<Characteristics of people who keep promises>
As a characteristic of those who keep promises, there is an episode.
It is when my acquaintance was playing golf with a prominent millionaires globally.
When the group finishes the meal and tries to go to the driving range
“I will go in 6 minutes.” The millionaire has left the place.
My acquaintance says “I understand”
A couple of minutes’ walk from the clubhouse
While heading to the practice area
He thought. “Why not cut good 5 or 10 minutes
Or not saying “About 5 minutes or so”
“What a halfway time it is… why did he say to go in 6 minutes? …
When he is hitting a ball in the practice area
Millionaire came with a smile.
Looking at the wristwatch
It was just 6 minutes after the truth as we announced.
Then, “It was really six minutes later,”
It is said that a millionaire said strongly.
“So I told you to go in 6 minutes.”
Behind the words, there was a nuance as below
“An important promise with you. I will not break apart.
Time is the most precious asset.
Saying not to waste even for 1 minute
I touched his thought and I was impressed.
For an ordinary person I think that it is not important at all
He has a commitment, and he are always acting that
-I have to keep promises without fail
That is such a commitment that brought riches to him.
<Person who keeps promises, and
Time concept of a person who can not keep time>
The real successful person
“When you promise, be sure to observe your promise,
never make promises you can not keep promises.”
They have acquired the custom of saying.
On the contrary, if you can not keep your promise
you can not grasp success.
The notable difference that both have
It is clear from the concept of “time”.
Successful people, rich people -very treating time,
I will always obey the time I made a promise.
If you are late for a meeting time
People who are extremely cranky,
If it seems to be late for a few minutes
There are also people who make contact.
On the contrary loose friends as much money as loose on time,
Even if you are late late, they will not reflect too much.
They are not aware that late deprives them of their time.
In the general public rich people and successful people
Some of the people will express it as “impatience”
I feel that this is a different way of catching.
They are not impatient on time, they value time very much.
I understand that time is the most valuable asset.
When you are deprived of valuable assets
It is not surprising that you get frustrated and get angry.
To take the most equitable and important time in your life,
That is to say that it takes away the time left for the person to live.
There may be some people who seem to be over-exaggerated when listening to this story
But only a few minutes, a few seconds difference
To say that life was greatly influenced is a common story.
If I could think that I could do it for only 1 or 2 minutes
It has a big meaning, it is something to cherish above all.
To say that we keep promises of time
It has such a meaning.
<People who keep promises with themselves,
those who can not keep time>
If everything goes wrong, we must change it from the way we think about time
It will be difficult to succeed.
You must go and keep promises with yourself as well as promises with others.
As well as treating time, they also keep promises with themselves
They do not procrastinate on important actions.
They think today is the best day for them to constantly take action without being caught by their emotions.
Always have a sense of urgency, postpone the important things to tomorrow
It is a proof that chances are missing.
Even though someone who can not succeed can do something,
There is a tendency to always get lost about the optimum timing.
They can not keep the rules and promises decided by themselves.
Even if you are just mucking, nothing is born.
A little mind is loosened and wasted time is increasing.
If you look at such time on a per-life basis
It makes a big difference.
“Study for waking up business”
Even if you promise to myself to extend to tomorrow,
“Diet and start strength training”
Although it is said that it ended as a three-
You can say that you just have a growing motivation and are consequently being swayed by your emotions.
It is important to keep promises with others,
It does not matter from a small thing.
We need to keep promises with ourselves.
Who can not keep the promise with myself?
Success is impossible forever.
Even if you have enough wisdom and talent to succeed, you can not act,
By the time you learn the secret of success it means that you can say that life is almost over.
Even if you do not care,
Let ‘s keep time.
Important things to act quickly
Let’s keep in mind the habit of starting.
And become a person who can keep promises.
Just with this awareness,
Life will change greatly.
Please refer to it.