Why always hard to express our apology??

What is the meaning of Apology?

1. Introspection – objectively self- examine ourselves and find our mistake and
express our apology to the other person.

2. Empathy – concern & consider the other’s feeling & situation,
and even we do any mistake but if we make the other
to feel uncomfortable or misunderstand, showing the apology.

In this 2 way of seeing the situation objectively, we can make a good relationship with others.
However people always follow their pride in order to protect ourselves,
majority of the people cannot feel other feeling and try to justificate ourselves
or make some reason to escape or avoid from the situation.

These pride and behavior easy to destroy the human connection & human relationship.
The attitude cannot avoid our heart, our conscience keeps telling what we made mistake.

So if you can say sorry, it is good to say sorry even you feel right.
and if you got this apology from other, with empathy, you need to forgive the others.



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