we may be dead in 50 years if we keep growing the economy

We need to stop following the Economic Growth, because
the meaning of Growth of Economy is increasing the consumption.
And Increasing the consumption means
we need to keep using some natural resources destroying the nature.
What we need is change our way of thinking from focusing on Economical Growth
to changing the way of life & Improving our humanity.
With less material we need to be satisfied, and
material we need to use for a long term as long as we can use
– rather than changing the stuff to new product constantly.
We need to improve our humanity having the inner peace,
respecting the differences of diversity & multi-culture,
appreciate more to the others and
express more humanity – which is kindness, apology, forgiveness, and compassion.
I wonder how many people understand and agree the point.
Otherwise we may be dead in 50 years

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