We need to change the system of “SUPPLY & DEMAND”

The problems in this world such as War, Conflict, Environment Protections, Poverty, all kind of problems cause comes from “Supply & Demand”.

*War & Conflict
– Country Interest & Weapon Company

*Medical Treatment
– Hospital & Medicine Company

*Environment Issue
– World Consumption & World Economy & World Business ….

For solving the problems of our global problems, firstly we all need to have those awareness and change our habit and lifestyle more sustainably & more peacefully.

If we know where does our money comes from, & goes to,
If we know our daily product which we consume comes from,
and what kinds of company produces or what is the bottom of producer life level, and
If we know how our daily life & world problems are connected,
We all can choose the right way of our life.
We all can choose the right company, and right production we buy.

From our behavior & changing the life style, we can give huge impact and change the social system & economy system.

Now what we can say is we are the slavery of money, and we are the slavery of Capitalism, Globalism, and Mass consumption society system.

These world trend makes us blind, forgetting our most important part of humanity.

We do not need to be negative, we do not need to spread out our hate speech, but we need to be positive, and using our bright side of humanity, we can unite and we can solve the problems together.

The key word is “Sharing our HUMANITY” & “Awareness of a natural community with a common destiny”10406424_876167695784388_3641043242824351286_n

Diversity Ethnicity World Global Community Concept
Diversity Ethnicity World Global Community Concept
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