Humanity & Manner – We all have ~Not only school but all together as one of community we need to take care the young generation~

**(Somehow my comment was deleted at original page of Doctor ASKY, so I repost my message with picture.)

I am Japanese, and this post has some wrong information which is we do not have any exams until they reach grade four. We do have exam from kindergarten, however we have educated humanity & morality from very young age not at school but also family and with local people all together for decades. Nowadays those traditions are disappearing and so many Japanese people get full of influence of Individualism & materialism as well as whole world get influence of globalization & capitalism.

Good point is even we started to forget those traditions, we still have the mind. And not only Japanese but also all of our human being.

The evidence is my personal experiences which gain from my actions. I have kept doing my peace & environment protection actions via various actions since 2007. Following the actions I have walked over 13,100kms in 20 different countries, visited 800 schools, helped 250 orphanages, and held global educational program cooperated with world wide organization. Through this actions, I met over millions people & young generations, and most of ordinary people have this core humanity – appreciation, respect, kindness, apology, forgiveness, and compassion.

The point is not only school, parents, but all of our adult people need to reform and rebuild the community connection and educate kids together “What is Humanity & What is the most important of our life, and real meaning of happiness”

I keep hoping that we can do it together.

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