Madness of consume following our greed

Who made your clothes? Who made your food? Who made your daily staff in your life?
Have you ever think deeply about the connection with others who produced and keeps your standard of our life? We need to think deeply about our madness of consume following our greed.

Nowadays most of the people do not have any awareness of madness and massive consumption.
Without any mind, we just follow our crave and greed, we buy, buy, and buy the new products.

Let’s stop and think when you buy your product, food, clothes, daily product…
Where does it comes from?
Is it really necessity to buy the product?
What is the producer’s life level?
Is it peaceful, and environmental company where concerning the country where is located of factories?
What kind of influence do we gives toward the people who produce and their country level?

Just following our greed & crave, and following capitalism & materialism, and individualism,
we just makes huge gap between wealthy and poor people, more and more discrimination would be happens, and more and more human level of disparity would be appears, and more and more our natural resources were wasted, it makes other war or conflict and serious climate change can be happens.

In this way can we solve those massive serious problems in our world?

Please check the video which made by Humantra.

It makes you an eye-opening.

Our future all depend of ourselves, not government and policy,
We are the one can change our world, and our life.

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