Now is the time of innovation & integration.

Since human being have had a civilization, we create own culture following the environment, it makes our traditions and origins of each part of our society.

It is very important to learn the culture & tradition which our ancestor had created,
in order to know the knowledge of sustainability.
= In means each times of period, our ancestor had changed the form of our culture & tradition for surviving.

Just the name of Culture, or just the name of tradition, ignoring our climate change, and if we keeps it, we would be disappear from our Planet Earth.

Now what is mostly need to do is “to learn our each part of culture & traditions”, “to understand our world situations, and “to reform our way of culture & tradition” in a better way of society which all creatures and human being can live together in this world.

For decades, because of industrial evolution, human being have gone wrong directions – destroying our nature, waste natural resources, conflict with different people who have different back grounds & way of thinking.

If we couldn’t change our culture, We cannot change our society, and we cannot live on earth for nearly future.

Now is the time of innovation & integration.

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