Less is More ~ It is great idea for reducing product & preserving our natural recourses

All you need is not very  much. It is one of new idea for reducing our product, and
preserving the natural recourses from our over-consumption.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLdv1bzy9hQNowadays we do have too many products which we do not use or not the necessity for our daily life.
Just following pursuit convenience.

Improvement of our convenience with so many new products is indirectly proportional to
our understanding & respect our connection with nature – so nowadays we waste so many natural recourses.

However what if we reduce our product which we have, and choosing right things & necessity stuff for our life,
and use our stuff for others more, we can give the big impact for our society, and
could change our world system which is over consumerism & capitalism to minimalism & co-existentialism.
It makes us more happier & make a world a better place 🙂



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