The war on drugs brought in more drugs. ANd the war on terrorists created more terrorists. Maybe next year we can have a war on farmers markets.

Actually it has been already started the war on the farmers markets for dacade.
So many local food & local plants and vegetable have been disappearing.
Due to the situation more and more local farmer have no choice but to use pesticide, genetically modified seeds
which are all control by big seed company in this world.
In addition to the control the seed, at country side of the city, many big shopping mall have been built, and
big foreign supermarket advances at the area.
Due to the two way of approaching, local farmer have been keeping suffering at their dairy life
= we do can say it is War on farmers market.
Less real & healthy food.
What is our way of protection the country and world is
*Thinking our body health,
*Choosing more local organic food & product,
*Making own food at our area
Just in this way of approaching through keeping our body health,
We can change the Economy, and Society system which just follow
Capitalization, globalization, and Consumerism.
What we need to do is focusing on ourselves, not other & outside.
We need to change, not change the world.
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