Time for Learning “How to Food”


Here is amazing Video which young man tells his story “How to change his life habit and how to food”
It makes us remind what is going on our food.

He mentioned that recently our species has the warped relations with food.
He used word of “Sterile” for nowadays the world food situation, and he warns that
“Our highly processed sustenance from a bag or can, we have swapped taste for convenience, and Health for Money”
& ” Somehow we have forgotten How to Food.”

Most of the food are not safe, not real food, and became food like product.
It is all following over-consumption and speed consupmtion, which producer & consumer do not care enough our health,
at market there are full of instant food, or retort food, or vegetable or fruit or meat which was used full of chemical,
pesticide, or Genetically Modified…

The young wise man tells how did he get influence from the bad habit with unhealthy food, and
how did he change through his own cooking with vegetable.

Actually it is very clever way to raise the awareness of food security and environmental issue with our own health.
And food also become a social, an activity to share, which give food & us far more meaning, and
actually our ancestor had been keeping the balance of nature & human relations.

When we have more actual connection with where our meals comes from, we can be able to tend to value it more.
And we do can think what is good healthy food for us and for nature, choose right food for both of us, and can change our food habit more healthy and more environmental.

What does the food mean to you? Let’s start to think what we eat at daily life!