The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the “WILL to TRY”, and “BELIEF” that it is actually Possible.

Here is what I have done since 2007 when I have started my peace & environment actions by various actions for Peace.

**2007 to 2012 walked From CHINA to LONDON 2007 to 2012 walked 12,500km planted 4046 trees, held lectures at 700 schools, and supported 250 orphanages as official peace messenger at UN.

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**2012 International Day of Peace ~Uncovering Peace Monument which I designed & donated to Edirne Municipality, Turkey. With Edirne Primary school kids who participated the ceremony.
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**2013 International day of Peace Ceremony held with UN Association of Bulgaria, and Peace Week 2013 Summer Camp cooperated with Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment Protection and Water, ~ with Peace Week Participants from Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia

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**2014 Peace Festival
~International day of Peace 2014 & Peace Week Education Summer Camp cooperating with UN Association of BULGARIA, Ministry of Youth & Sports, Ministry of Education, Embassy of Indonesia, Egypt, Palestine, Japan, Korea, Red Cross BULGARIA.


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**Earth Day 2015 at Berlin, After Long walk from Oswiecim (Auschwitz) Poland to Berlin Germany walked 650kms.

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All Actions, actually every time people laughed at me, saying it is impossible to do that alone, however always I reached my goal and could spread huge message of Peace & got full of Impact from the world.

Through my experiences what I can say is

The only thing that stands between you and your dream is
the “WILL to TRY”, and “BELIEF” that it is actually Possible.

Will keep trying my peace actions even it is hard way and people do not believe.