Poor countries people have more humane than wealthy countries

He has nothing to eat but when he got two lollipops,
he gave one to the photographer!
Poor countries people have more humane than wealthy countries. 
It is not only the children which I posted in above.

Through my peace actions, I also have had the same experiences.
Here is the story of Vietnam.

As everybody knows, Vietnam has sad history of War.
Still many people have been suffering due to the outgrowth of war.
The most of them are Children “Orphans”
Every single village, town, city, there are orphans and kids with disability….
I saw the situation directly and Since the time of my Vietnam Actions in 2009, I have kept trying to help those kids.

Always when I visit the facility, the kids attitude touched my heart.

So what was their attitude?

Every time when I visited orphanages, children came to me with some words. They say
“Are you hungry?”
“Can I help you?” and
“What can I do for you?”

Even I came for support them, on contrary,
kids treated me, helped me, and worried about me.

Moreover when I visited one orphanage, there were another amazing experience.  The time of my visiting was lunch time, and kids came back from school. At the time one of eldest kids received candy from school,
as soon as the kid entered into Orphanages, started to give younger sister & brother the candy. When kid gave the candy, in the hands there were no candy left.

The moment I asked “Are you Ok?”
The kid immediately replied with big smile
“I am so Happy” and added
“Because my younger sister & brother could eat candy”

The kid told me “What is Humane”,

“What is the meaning of sharing” and
“What is the meaning of family”

Those kids those poor country people has misery, and
full of pain & hardness.
Although those pain & misery made the kids & people realize
“We do not alive” “We are permitted to have life, and be grateful for it.

It is the sense of humanity and we really need to remind it,
Especially people who lost the mind due to material wealth at wealthy & advanced countries where keeps following the material wealth & capitalism growing the speed & over consumption.

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