“School of Peace Program New Beginning”


Yesterday on 25th of May, I had a meeting with Chong-De Elementary school where located in Hualien, Taiwan.

The aim of the meeting was for ongoing cooperation in my peace educational program named “School of Peace”, which I created in 2015 last year for younger age from 6 to 12 year old kids whom is golden age for learning.

The purpose of the program is
1. **to deepen the Multi-culture & Diversity,
2.**to raise the common awareness of Peace & Protection Environment, and
3.**to raise global citizen for peace,
through various action such as exchange program, Peace & Protection Environment actions, Sharing the sense of Humanity, Lectures from me and people who try to do actions for the world, holding ceremony for Peace.

Everything not from adult people side educating, but gives students an opportunity to think, act, spread, and imagine all different topics for bring out their curiosity, and self learning through the program.

(More detail * https://futureforpeace.wordpress.com/school-of-peace/ )
We both agrees for future cooperation in my program, and from Next Semester beginning of new class, we will start our program together.

It is new beginning, very short steps, but definitely & certainly great one steps for the future.

Now we are looking for the school where can do the connection with school for exchanges using my connections with school.

Still there are full of difficulties, but thinking about young generation,
I do keep my endeavor for making big differences for entire world!

Lastly I do appreciate Principal Mrs. 黃麗花, and school teachers for their concern & great support.