Here is great example of Education “Bringing out the kids Curiosity & Learning From Personal Experiences”

Here is the real way of education!

Nowadays most of the school education was too much pressure for young generation in order to
get high score, go to good school, enter the big famous company – following the competition society.
However in this way young generation forget the real meaning of education.

Although Finland they try to do a wonderful of education, which is bringing out the passion for learning
Name of “Curiosity” through their experiences. Government, Teacher all try to make students be able to learn by themselves through the experiences which is the really important things for their life learning.
***The fact is in Finland there is no homework, there is just 20 hours at school for younger kids.

Finland – the kids can do many things as a kids, and what I felt the greatest thing at Finland are

**** At school there is sharing time, kids share what did they do after school with other classmate.
for example if kids climb trees, the teacher ask why they climb trees, describe their experiences and feeling, what did they founds..  what is the good point of sharing? Here is my opinions.

1. Through sharing time the kids can start to improve “way of thinking” through the experiences,
2. Through this sharing they can learn how to express their feelings & thoughts,
3. Through transfer the experiences & information with others, they can bring out their curiosity
4. Following other friends sharing their experiences, the kids can try to confirm through their enforcement.

In this way more and more kids can learn individually, and through the transmission all together improve real knowledge of experiences.
It is real great way to educate, not with force, but give students an opportunity to have an experiences and learn somethings.

I really love the way of  education in Finland, and it is the way of motivating kids their dreams and through the curiosities, kids can step forward their bright future by themselves.