What can we say to our kids, after our next generation suffers from our mistake in the future?

Since 2007 I have been keeping fighting with this madness world for Innocent people individually.
99% people do not trust what I have done my actions,
Individual – we have full of power.

If we determined something, we can do whatever we wants.
The answer is my actions.

I could walked 13,100km in 20 different countries.
I could planted over 5000 trees, and could hold lecture at 800 schools, and helped 300 orphanages, held global educational program and festivals cooperated with UN, Ministry, Embassy world wide organization. Just alone I visited those offices and showed my passions and enthusiasm for peace, I could inspire the ambassador, minister, governor, and mayor, each person.

Even I show my example
Less and less people keep their humanity, and
more and more people start to lost their mind…
So many innocent people suffer from this world…

Every single moment, I spoke to people

After our destruction of the world due to our greedy & unpeaceful heart?
*Who would pay the heavily painful price?
*Who would have to repair the society?
*Who would be victim of our mistake?

How many people think about the long term vision?
which our behavior and our daily life attitude will gives impact the future? directly toward your kids???

When the kids grow up, and
get suffer from the situation,
full of sorrow,
full of misery,
full of pain, and
losing their kids,
losing precious family,
the time we would be not in this world.

When they comes to the heaven,
what will you answer the kids question?
“Why you have done this for us?”
What can you tell the answer??

Most of the people can not give me the answer.
Believes yourself! Think your kids future!
Still we have a time, we have solution,
Answer is everywhere,
Please determin something and change your attitude
toward Peace, & Protection Environment.

Individually we can do
Nothing impossible.

 end-of-earth-drawing4 Wereld peace cover