Life of Modern People “Busy means Losing our Heart” & “Business comes from the words Busy”

Have you ever think about the meaning of “Business”
“Business” the words originally came from the words of “Busy”.

In French “Travail“ (English words :Work/Job) real meaning is “Torture”
Moreover in Japanese Busy “忙“means -losing Heart.

When you Heared the meaning of Buys, Business, and Work/Job, you might feel something about the world society backside.
The world Economy system have been made by the people who try to control the world by the money, power, and position

The system made people not be able to feel anything
due to Busy and madness world,
The system made people lose their heart,
The system made people not be able to think anything,
The system made people not be able to act, and
The system made people not be able to spread any message.

Through works people who have a richness, position, power torture the people using the name of Business and people cannot be able to enjoy the life – just live for earning money,
We do can say now people become a slavery of money, and business.

Now our life all control by this business, feeling of busy, losing our heart.
What I have been trying to do through my peace & environment action which is
through my personal experiences which I gain through my actions, “Awaking People’s humanity, And Empowering the people to be able to think, act, spread, and imagine their life – finding problems and solving the problems by themselves using the real knowledge of life through their experiences not by TEXTBOOK, or Information which spread by other people, or broadcast by media which
all control by people who have a power, money, and position.

Please Wake up people,
Not excuse the name of BUSY -due to the society, business, focus on the world, focus on the next generation.

Now really our world is dying, our world would not be able to stay,
See the world situation, more and more conflict, war started, more and more disaster happens,
More and more people suffer from this situation, not only one direction of protection environment, or peace actions, we need to leave the business society and we need to think about our real for this world through our lives – name of Destiny and mission.

If we keep saying busy, If we keep money society, If we keep business society,
Our human being would be disappear from this world in 50 years.

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