Do you think you do not any impact in this world? Read my words!

Nobody whom live in the society where following material wealth, understand their life is quite influential for this world not only environmentally but also humanitarianly.
People are not be able to think how gives huge impact in this world.
The material wealth which following consumption gives bad influence the poor country environment and society through destruction and economies impact through business which is inhumanitarian and slavery.
As much as we see the new product or improving material wealth, on the other hands there is some creature and people suffering and victims in this world elsewhere.
And exactly it comes back toward us, – good example is Europe!
European country they gives those influences in this world, so now the country has problems due to this world trends which I explain in above could not keep the situation, and people started demonstration, and protest, and country has war or conflict!
Refugees goes these European countries!
And people said it is not our duty to help!
Who made this situation?
Who made this refugees?
Our daily life actions each person – consumer!
Not only environmental issue, not only think ecological product,
But we need to think much deeper way!
How we can stop this materialism & capitalism!
How to stop our consumption.
And make people life level more simple way
& Focus on more basic life level at local area
connecting with people who live in same community.
Helping each other without money – producing own food
and transfer these material and knowledge together
as well as our ancestor did at past history!
We do not need any globalisation which we have followed.
We do not need any exclusive society or elite society in this world.
There are any differences!!!!!!!
rich or poor,
strong or weak,
well Educated or Not,
High career or less,
Nothing differences!!
Wake up PEOPLE!
Be wise and having more deep way of thinking!!!
Think deeply how we impact in this world!
And not just saying but act!!!!
Life is short!
Take responsibility for this world and for future!
I have kept seeing the situation directly and do keep my responsibility & keep doing what can I do for this world giving impact, inspire the people, empower the people and encourage the people, and educate & protect young generation!  10920115_1059339390747873_8091987331296394334_o