“Most dangerous thing is people know the truth, but people do not try to face on it, and just ignoring”

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These days I came to Hong Kong for meeting with my old friend whom have met during my walking actions for Protection Environment & Peace at main land of China 2008, in order to discuss what can we do for future cooperation in both program which both of us try to educate young generation.

My friend using business side, he has tried to inspire the people to raise the awareness of protection environment and to be able to start the actions for earth individually.
*producing Eco Product,
*Giving young generation an opportunity to design some ECO product and make it happens with artist,
*Giving impact through Event cooperated with students, and
*Other activities for Protection Environment.

His endeavor is really admirable which I cannot do and he has been doing the actions with self-sacrifice as well as I do, using vision and idea he keeps trying to inspire the people who lives in Hong Kong.  I wish my friend could inspire the Hong Kong people and change their behavior through his program.

Through the conversation with him, and participation in his new approaching – education for younger students, and people, I could see the real situation of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong society– keeps trying to develop
-building more building,
developing lands,
increasing economy interest at Hong Kong,

= as first day of my arrival, I easy to understand the situation.

But I could not get idea – what would be the people’s mentality who lives in Hong Kong….
Staying at Hong Kong for few days today I understand the situation, which is
Majority of people who lives in Hong Kong is not origins, comes from different countries or legion.
For the people who came from different place “HONG KONG” is temporary location & hunting point for business & money using natural recourses as center of trade business.

For people Hong Kong is nothing to need to considering, just concentrate
***earning money for themselves through the business, and if the people satisfice their material wealth, the people gone…..

SO Hong Kong people are not have any mind of peace or protection the environment just follows material wealth and selfishness unfortunately.

This would be 1 of the type of people.

Secondary other types of people would be just feel satisfaction when the people got an information or knowledge through the participation in some Environmental or Peace event.
(Probably just get an information and feel I do the actions but it is not the actions – it just brain or saying or learning without any actions)

Third part of people is using knowledge or information which gain through general information such as Media, or Newspaper, or people’s saying as their own information or knowledge which gain through personal experiences without any doubt and speak what is right way and what we have to do for this words without any actions.

The first one are majority of people in Hong Kong, few of them are second and third type of people, most minority people are not words, not just gain knowledge, but do the actions individually and systematically like my friend.

The four type of people also fit in this whole world but unfortunately there is no any people think much deeper how to connect all topics such as economy, politics, poverty, conflict, war, food security, pollution, corruption, nation relations, peace and protection environment issue.
Most of people have narrow mind…….

Hong Kong was kind of epitome of the world… and I could re- understand human behavior and human’s way of thinking.

The suitable words for human situation is
“People want a change, but People do not want to change.”
“Most dangerous thing is people know the truth, but people do not try to face on it, and just ignoring”

When people will awake????
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