Deep Meaning inside of my Tree Planting ~Peace for Earth means Peace for ourselves~

My Peace Tree at Vietnam which I and students planted at RMIT UNIVERSITY also grow very well at University Yard in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The event with my lecture was held in June last year. And few days ago one of the people who organized the event, and have supported my actions in Vietnam sent me the pictures with message.

Why I always try to do some “Tree Planting”, there is big message inside. Tree is the “Symbol of Nature” – without trees & plants we can not make the circulation of nature, without environment human being, and other creature also cannot live in this planets.

Tree produce the air, clean the air, and produce the animal shade, and food for all creature in the plants.

In order to tell Peace exist not only at our Human Society but also between HUMAN & Nature, and make people to understand the importance of protection the environment, I have been keeping plant trees with people since I started my actions for peace.

Moreover when I try to do some actions for peace & protection the environment, I never use the words of “MUST” or “Have to” or give some solution for peace & protection the environment at the area which I image, because as well as Nature has diversity,
every single place has different diversity and multi culture, therefore there is no any way that I can give some answer or order for the local citizens.

It is because I do not know and understand 100% their environment, culture, and history which local people know well than other.
The point is outsider cannot solve the problems, who can solve the problems at area is just local people who was born,who live the place.

I or outsider just can give them some inspiration, or advice in order to make loca people raise the awareness of peace & environment protection, and make them start to be able to think, act, spread, and imagine the peace & environment protection at their place which is most peaceful and best way to solve the problems at local area.

Through the tree planting, and after tree planting, people can keep reminding the message of mine, and they can keep trying to think,act, spread, and imagine the peace by themselves, it also makes people raise the awareness of peace and environment protections.

At end I wish all local people using the awareness and knowledge of ancestor, found the problems and solve the problems by themselves.

These trees which I planted, and people who cooperated with me remind the actions, sent me the picture, means those people are able to try to do some things for their area by themselves.

This year, already several places people sent me those trees pictures which planted together is golden message that people started to have those awareness of peace & protection environment.

Thank you so much Ms. Hanh, Mr. Phong, Mr.Tung and all people who helped the actions for their concern!AdobePhotoshopExpress_bc43ac6fc94c4164b6ab2f0b067450b3 AdobePhotoshopExpress_d44bf9d3d2e043c38a90f3ee270b73f2 AdobePhotoshopExpress_a51d2c462f91459195b6b296d4ca375c (1) FullSizeRender IMG_3716 IMG_3715 IMG_3709 (1)