“Illrustrated book” Project ~ Awake people’s humanity & Educate young generation what is HUMANITY~

As my mention at 3rd of May post, I and my friends we decided to publish an “illrustrated book” for educating young generation, and for giving adult people an opportunity to remind what is common humanity which we all have.

Using my true story which I have had experiences through my peace walking actions ~13,100kms 20 different countries~, I started to decide the contents, and to draw the painting for book.

First book which we try to publish is the true story which I have met wonderful orphans who have really pure heart and humanity.
I learned from the kids what is the meaning of Appreciation, and how to feel this appreciation.

Today I just finished my dessin for front page of the book.

I hope through real touching true stories of humanity, people start to realize what we have a great heart of humanity, and start some small actions for peace.

P.S If everybody have some idea for my drawing please feel free to tell me the opinion!IMG_2146


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