New Challenge for Education in order to awakes people’s HUMANITY

Since last month “April” I have been discussing about new challenge for educating people & young generation in order to make people remind what is the common humanity which all human being have.

The new challenge way for the education is “Making a Textbook”.
The textbook purpose is as bellow.

1.) To make people understand what is the common humanity which all have,
even if we have differences of background, shares world story which gathering from different country, different religious believes,  and different background following the human frame.

2.) To deepen the common humanity, practice “how to use the humanity, put the explanation and contents of practice way of humanity – focus on the topics of our daily life.

What was the difficult point is gathering the stories from different countries, and choose right story following the topics of humanity, because we need so many times to gather the story, and editing in this way.

For further discussion editing of textbook, on 2nd of May I and my friends who have a mind, and we made an agreement for making an illustrated book for humanity – using the my personal story of peace walking in 20 different countries.
There are so many encounters with children and people, inside of encounter there are hundreds of story which can feel the humanity and humane.

Why we choose the illustrated book because all generation can read the book, and understand the message together.

For example some grandparents can lead the book for their grandchildren and tell more story of their childhood, or some university students they can read the true story and have discussion or debate thinking about the common humanity, checking their country situation, and simulate the future world situation, or more younger students purely read the book and learn the meaning of humanity.

In addition not only the illustrated book but inside we try to put more detail of our concept, detail of world situation, country situation, and how to use this books for educating the young generation following different generations.

It just start the new challenges but we will work at this publishing the books at Taiwan and also I do keep my educational program of peace week, and walking actions in this world.

Let’s act and let’s keep showing the world how can we make peace from our individual actions with wonderful ideas.


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