The four laws of spirituality They teach in India…

The four laws of spirituality
They teach in India…

The first law says:
“the person who met you, is the right”.

This is supposed to mean that nobody purely by chance enters into our lives, all persons who surrounded us, share with us, stand for something, either to teach us something or to us in our situation.

The second law says:
“that’s what happens, is the only thing that could happen”.

Nothing, but absolutely nothing of what is happening to us, could have been different. Not even the unbedeutenste detail. There are simply no: ” if I would have done differently…, Then it would have been different…” – no, that’s what happens, is the only thing that could happen, and had to happen, so that we learn our lesson, to please come forward. All, yes every single one of the situations that befall us in life, are absolutely perfect, even if our mind and our ego resist and do not want to accept it.

The third law says:
“each moment in which something begins is the right moment”.

It all starts at just the right moment, not sooner and not later. If we are ready for it, so that something new is happening in our lives, it is already there, in order to begin.

Here is the fourth and final act:
“what is over, is over”.

It’s that simple. If something in our life ends, it serves our development. This is why it is better to let go and to go forward, gifted with the experience now.

I believe that it is no coincidence that you read this, here, right now. If this text you met today, it is because you’re fulfilling the requirements and understand that not a single snowflake somewhere on this world accidentally stepped on a wrong place falls!

Let it be well with you. Love with all your being and be happy without end!

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