Challenge & Improvement

Today it was 6th times of my visiting schools to hold lectures and team building in order to give young generations an opportunity to think about peace, act for peace, and spread peace from their behaviors.

From this time of my lectures at schools in Taiwan including today’s visiting school, I have changed my way to hold my lecture event at schools. Before I held my lectures with my translator who knows my story, who knows my message, and who understand what is the purpose of my actions, it was easy to spread my message, it was easy to make students pays attention getting interested in my lectures, however it was just one direction lectures without any actions with school teacher and students.

In order to make all people to participate in my lectures, I changed my way of lecture style.

1. To ask school for the school English teacher to do my translation.
2. To hold team discussion, and from teacher to students all together we try to think about peace.

In this way, not from my side lecture telling some message, but also from all direction we could hold great education event at schools, however there was full of difficulties such as Translation problems because English teacher have not had an experiences to do some translation, due to this problems of translation, English teacher couldn’t get my point of message, and students feel bored at my lecture.

Last 5 times lectures at school, majority of students seem to not be able to get my message.
I knew it is very hard to do this way, but each time I changed my way of my lecture but core message I didn’t change.

Today somehow I could see some way of holding event with schools side and with students.

All of my endeavor is for inspiring, encouragement, and empowering the school side, and young generation to start some small actions for peace at their daily life.
I wish my lecture became a cause of starting small steps which can educate young generation sustainably which gives kids same message not from me but from School side.

26th would be last event at Primary school, and keep trying what I can do at Taiwan.

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