My trees grows very well in this world ~Small step makes exactly makes big differences~

Here is the Apple tree which I planted at center of Berlin Germany.
Location site is at KREATIVHAUS e.V”.
(Information :
dsc_0097 (1)

and other picture is from Turkey Ankara which I planted in 2011.
(Information :

Today my Berlin friend who helped the organization of the event of Earth day 2015, and
Ankara friend who supported my actions at Ankara Golbasi for peace both sent me the pictures!

I am very glad to see the trees grow very well.

My trees in this world is over 5500 numbers in this world at 20 different countries. The tree grow and people & children grow together, it is my greatest hope for this world to be a peaceful and beautiful place!

My friend if it possible please send me the tree pictures which we planted together!!!

Thank you so much Ms. Susanna Hölscher and Cansever Yıkılmaz Kaya for sharing wonderful picture of our tree!!


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