The Education in Crisis ~need the mind of 教行一致~.

On 20th of April I visited one very small elementary school where is located in Nei-Mei county, Kaohsiung city Taiwan.
I held lectures, team discussion, and tree planting for 3rd to 6th grade students at school.

Although today’s school visiting made me focus on the school problems in this world very very seriously.

It is not just because of this time visiting school, but through my experiences of peace actions which is visiting over 800 schools from kindergarten to University in 20 different counties, made me easy to understand what is real situation of school and educational program.

“The school really lost the way of education.”

Majority of the school which we know, their system is just following the society trend, and due to the situation students are judged by examination score.

It would be because of capitalism and materialism. Those world trend makes society to be more competed, and differentiated through elite society. Getting good score or to be better than the others, to enter a good school or good company, and having high salary, have become the right way of happiness in our world.

The result of situation makes school changes the educational system, which is just educate how to get high score rather than improvement students talent, or giving students more opportunity to have an experiences in order to gain real knowledge for their life.

Just following how to get high score at examination, teacher educate students to memorize the information, equation and definition, like the question answer is just this answer.
The education, which educate student -“How to think”-“How to find the problems”, and –“How to solve the problems”, and which show children the way of life following morality, humanity, became very rare, and hard to find those real educator in this world.

Why our world makes school following the world trend, and educate student these topics?
In this way students would be not able to think, so it is easy to control the people and society.
= It would be biggest point of the changes of educational system.

Most of the problems have been happening in this world, but I can say it happens especially at Asia.

As example today when I held the lecture, I asked students, what kind of things happens in this world in the past and at present time.
Kids they do not know what is protection the environment, what happens in this world through differences of way of thinking, such as war, conflict, and poverty.
Most of the kids they do not who what happens in this world.

Nothing they can think, but when I held Team discussion, which discuss what is the connection with others, and how to make the other feel happy, and how to reach to make a world a peaceful place through our behavior, all team could make wonderful result, and had great presentation without any shyness.

What makes me surprise was even the country side school were already get those influences of the world trends, because when I visited other regions or other country, country-side school most of the school have very different point of education. Much more focus on humanity, and real importance of our lives, and not only teacher but all adult people cooperate takes care these young generations.

What would be the way of education????

The answer would be

1. Need to educate “Heart education” which is what is most important things in our lives such as Morality & Humanity before teaching some information or knowledge.

2. To check all student’s talent and personality and following their good point, and educate children in different way for each students in order to improve their faculities.

But when we educate what we need to be careful is not just educate some information, but need to give students an opportunity to practice the topics through their dairy life.

Otherwise even kids know the knowledge, they cannot use the knowledge and information in their life.

We say the words in Buddhism

Teaching & Learning and Behavior & Attitude need to be much. If there are balance, people easy to lost the mind. Good example is nowadays people’s brain became too big than heart, which means people know so many information or knowledge but most of the information or knowledge people cannot use for their life.

Most important thing is not just one direction of teaching or studying from adult people, but we need to make young generation wants to study interactively, and make young generation be curious, and all together not only educator but parents, neighbor, relative, even with elder children we need to take care the children to grow right direction of their life.

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