What is the real name of Education?

On 12th of April, I visited San-Gu Elementary School where located in San-Gu borough, Tainan, Taiwan.  It is the second time of my visiting in order to hold the lecture at school for children, always school principal and teacher welcome me for my visiting. – It makes me feel like I came back my alma mater.

Always what makes me amazed at this school ( not only the school but whole Taiwan ) is students attitude and behavior at school –
*Cleaning the school before and after the school lessons all together, and *greeting me.

Those attitudes which makes me amazed at this school – has a great reason -the principal told me after my lecture & team building at school.

The School where located at country side – the way of education is totally different between city school where has huge number of students and make judgement the students by the examination score following competition society, however the school from principal and teacher takes care of the students very carefully as well as the parents takes care the kids, teaching so many different things which is not related with school duty or school curriculums such as humanity, morality, and common sense through so many activities.

Why the school side do those extra educations even it is not duty at school? According to principal saying, countryside in Taiwan – high percentage of family who lives in country side has some family problems which is single parenthoods or financial problems, therefore school teacher takes care the kids as well as their real children teaching many things and whole school become the students home and teacher and friends are like their real family.

-Actually these things are the duty as adult people – which takes responsibility for young generation.

Since when we have been forgetting those most important things?
What is the real meaning of school? And Education?

Honesty I do can say, through my peace actions I visited huge number of school but most of school in this world – they lost the mind of real education.
– There are school schedule, there are school curriculum which order by central government – most of school just follow the order and do not care the kids.

To give them real education of our life – through so many practice and experiences rather than a study technique in which one studies intensely for a short period of time, called cramming, are much more important.

Exactly the school where located in country side has a real mind of education.

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