“Take Responsibility” – IZ greatest Hawaiian Singer left the last words before he died


IZ – who is one of well-known Hawaiian musician and his extraordinary beautiful voice amazed world people, and gives people inspiration even more than 19 years after his death.

In his lifetime, he was concerned the Hawaii situation’s which adult people forget their responsibility and tradition & culture, and children has had suffers from the situation.

Before he passed away at his last concert, for audience he spork up his message.
His words is strong and touching, it is not just for Hawaiian but for whole world people, we need to think about our responsibility and world situation.

Here is his speech as bellow.

Aloha kakou, ….

Aloha ladies and gentlemen..”


For this portion of you know, this evening’s show, ah….

I like to do this song that was written when I first started playing music.

First got into the music action.. I was just 15 years old. Venturing out there.

It was like the Hawaiian version of the wild blue yonder.

Who freking me,was.” “I like to send a message to all the Hawaiians

out there andall the Hawaiians at heart. :


Take responsibility for all our kuleana.”Cuz our culture is suffering.

Our children, our children out there late night time.

Hanging around the 7-eleven, bus stop………….”

Our parents and our adults. Take responsibility.

Malama the kuleano for ourkeiki” (Everyone cheers) And to all of

you, all the children, all the teenagers on every island…

(he shows everyone his bandana)


“What is in the rag? So blow hanabata cuz. Wake up!!I

I speaking…. From personal experience.

I making a call out to all my bruddahs out there.

Smoking the batu. Dealing the coke… Stop the demand.

Stop the supply us… Hawaiians gonna live on!!!”


“And got one message for some very good friends of mine.

In Halawa high security. They doing time for life.

They done their wrong they may have tooks some lives but when you put Jesus

in your heart, you born again. All the opala gone. You like a brand new baby.

“So just something for you guys to think about.

Love each oddah. Malama. Take care. Stop the dope, brah.

It’s only a facade, brah.


It’s a thin curtain. It’s only temporary us guys is forever.

Our ancesters, our ancestors before that so before I do

this song for you guys……….” And then.. at the end…

an absolutely amazing reuion with the Makaha ..

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