What is your life style? Can capitalism makes our life better?

Nowadays the biggest problem is a society system, which makes people relay on the capitalism
–name of Money society, due to the circulation of money people live for surviving working at company or belong to the money society to earn the money for their life.
The circulation of money push human being to improve the technology, it makes the society much more globalize, and revolutionize the distribution.

It seems to be amazing but it makes our world much more an unregulated and unsustainable society, people became slavery of money, and without money people are not able to live.

What is going on in this world? Nowadays following the capitalism and materialism advanced country are able to expand their business territory -using developing country as their colony which is not real name of colony as past history, country or company or people where and whom have finance, can use developing country’s natural resources and local people with low cost and low labor cost.
In this way the advanced country would protect their environment and nature but truth is these country destroys the elsewhere nature environment and makes some people’s lifestyle as slavery of money society – good example is Africa, South East Asia and South America side.

And moreover at big country or big city or place, people could be able to live without any feeling of real connection with people and nature, and start to waste the food or material stuff following the money society system which is over & speed consumption, and also these people who works at big company they also have to work for people who have money, they have to works sacrificing their life – learning lots of money ( But fact is even they can earn lots of money through the business – in this way people lost real way of human with humane.)

It makes big gap between rich and poor and due to the situation we cannot solve any problems which we have in this world such as war, conflict, and poverty.

SO what is the solution for our real life?
It would be connected with sustainable life style.
What if we could produce our own food at home?
What if we could reuse, recycle, and reduce our rubbish?
What if we could clean the water which we used by ourselves?
What if we could provide our electronic by ourselves using clean energy?
Wouldn’t  we live leaving from capitalism & materialism, less money less destruction?

We can use nature circulation, which can clean the water and reduce rubbish and make soil,
We have enough knowledge, information, and technology, it all depend on what we think and what we do.

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