International Peace – All men are Brothers ~Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of Refugees of Muslim, Hindu, and Catholic faiths

Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of refugees of Mulsim, Hindu, and Catholic faiths, and
Called them “They are children of the same GOD”

His attitude and behavior shows us “what is the way of human being” which is we are all same human being.
Nowadays there are so many bad things have been happened in this world, and these incident or conflict or argument would be easy to makes people to have wrong impression, or to start to against people who have different background which follows races, religions, gender, or generation.

What we need to do is as well as Pope Francis did, we need to have common awareness of family without any discrimination such as racism, genderism, and Binarism.

I would like to share my personal experiences which I have had some conversation with young wise Polish students who listened my lecture at his hometown.

Yesterday, one of my friend who is Secondary school students at Poland, asked me
“You visited so many different countries and met so many different people. and what exactly Muslim people?”
“Are they seriously bad?”

And he added and explained what have been happening at friend community, which is younger students group
“It is because after the terrorist attacked was happened at Belgium, Our age of friends did some jokes and think Muslim or Refugee are bad”

I explained how great people they are to him. What I said to him is

“Through my Peace Walking actions, and Peace actions, I visited so many different places. I met Muslim people at Syria, Turkey, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and different Middle of East people, and I have not met any bad people.”

“They treated me as their family, even I am stranger for them, they invited me their house and served me Tea, Meal, or place to stay. They are really wonderful people and the people who I met is real Muslim people”

And I added 
“I do can say they are really nice people. They have real amazing heart.  Believe me

Much kinder than Western Europe Country people.” 
“At Western Europe People didn’t understand my message and hard to hold my peace actions
But Muslim country they understood my message and from Government to ordinary people they helped me all the way.”
“For example At Turkey Police and Army escorted me from ANKARA TO Border of BULIGARIA over 400 km.
It is not because of dangerous but because of their heart of humanity – 
every Morning Police man came and 2 car follow my walking and each place introduced the other region government and together spread my message on be half of me. “

SHOWED him the pictures of mine at Middle of East with Muslim people.

**(Here is some image pictures of my peace actions at Middle of East)


He said  “Trusting tv or internet isn’t good idea” and 
From now on if someone will said anything bad about a Muslim
I will tell him Your story.”

I am so happy to heard the word from him, because nowadays almost every country has media control and related with state’s politics and propaganda. But he awake and realize what is the right way to think and find the information and chose the right information without any stereo type which makes us not be able to think ourselves.

Nowadays in this world what is the problems and
why people have kept arguing or had conflict?
It is because people both side think “It is right and justice” and opposite side said same “It is right and it is justice”, but there are any universal justice because every place have different background, different environment, different culture and way of thinking.

Mahatma Gandhi said
“My patriotism is not an exclusive thing. It is all-embracing and I should reject that patriotism which sought to mount upon the distress or the exploitation of other nationalities. The conception of my patriotism is nothing if it is not always, in every case without exception, consistent with the broadest good of humanity at large. Not only that, but my religion and my patriotism derived from my religion embrace all life. I want to realize brotherhood or identity not merely with the beings called human, but I want to realize identity with all life, even with such things as crawl upon earth. I want, if I don’t give a shock, to realize identity with even the crawling things upon earth, because we claim descent from the same God, and that being so, all life in whatever form it appears must be essentially one.”

We need more and more people to awake their mind of humanity.
We need to have the mind of family.
What Pop Francis did and said, and Mahatma Gandhi taught us the way of international peace is really precious things. and
I do wish more and more people start to have a great mind for peace and start to think and act and spread the message of peace from their behavior.


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