Giving Away

Giving away always (not just for the holidays)!
HOLIDAYS are just reminders that to love and to care each other!
The film shows us what is the meaning of giving away
through girl’s attitude which gave everything away for her mother,
It seem to be very hard to understand what exact their conversation,
but I wish everybody feel something inside of your hart.
Giving away is always makes us feel amazing,
It is not very hard to do, point is how to release our self, our individuality,
If we always focus on ourselves, we always want or wish some, and
It would be endless.
But when we start to focus on the others “happiness” with selfless.
Our attitude would be change dramatically.
Please not try to understand, but please feel something from this video.
And start to give something away from your side.
You would feel something miracle. 🙂
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