Kids in Aleppo are cleaning up the street of city Aleppo for Peace

Here is very brave and amazing actions by Children at Aleppo, Syria.
As we all know, since 2011 country of Syria has been placed of conflict.
So many people have been suffering, during the time of period of war,
around third of all Syrian Children were born and nearly half of the country’s
4.8 millions registered refugees are kids. More than 15,000 children across the country without their parents.

I do not know so many things about Syria situation, it is very complicated, and
the fact is so many innocent kids and people are suffering.

Although this video show us the great hope.
The kids who lives in Aleppo showed us bright eyes with great heart.
They took a great way of actions for peace with positive energy
not with any hate speech or violent.

Here is the Video Clip.

On the day around 40 school kids took part of  the campaign and
kids took the big brooms and gathered at street of the city,
all together cleaned up the street of Aleppo.

Kids in Aleppo said “We helped each other to clean the streets”
“It is our home, so we keep cleaning up the street and take care of it together.”

I do not know and can not judge which part of people are right or not.
But their kids actions are breathtakingly amazing and wonderful.

We are all family – need to take care of each other forgetting our hates and negative feeling.
The actions of cleaning up the street is great example of co-exist.

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