What if your one wish could be granted? Cancer Patient words Purifies our hearts….

What if your one wish could be granted?

This is the question of some social researching, which subjects are healthy person and cancer patients. 2 different people sit on the chair across the wall, but both of them do not know each other, one side person who sit on is the person of cancer patients.

The result of two different people’s answers makes us to think what is the meaning of life, and people who got cancer’s words purifies our heart.

Here is the 2 different people’s words….

1.) What if your one wish could be granted? What would you want to wish?
2.) What would make me most happy?

<Healthy people>
“If I could make one wish now it would be to sail around the Greek islands….”
“Pass the exam serrios that I am studying…”
“Get a job as a journalist in New York”
“Be able to travel to the Sahara Desert”
“To have my own business, making video games”

“It makes me very happy sleeping and listening music.”
“To turn on the radio and my favorite song is playing”
“To be creative and original in everything I do”
“To have fun with my friends and be with my family”

Generally they answer similar thigs, what happens once they hear the other side?

 <Cancer Patients>

“If I could make one wish, I wish that my daughter could have a normal life.
What would make me most happy is to spend every day with my four daughters and husband, something  which I almost never do.”

“I wish there would be no disease in the world
What would make me happiest is to wake up in the morning and see that sister is well.”

“I wish that a cure for all diseases would be found”

“The most important thing in our life is to maintain my desire to enjoy the small things everyday that sometimes we forget that value of”

“It makes me happy that I can see the street, to be able to go out for a walk by myself and simply enjoy the flowers”

“What makes me happiest right now is to look at my mother and know that she isn’t worried”
“Wake up every morning, see my daughter here and see she’s fighting , fighting for life.”

“If I had one wish, I would wish to walk”
“What makes me happiest is the air touching my face.”

And at end they introduce each other…
The Words tells us and makes us realize that…



So do I, until I had misery in my life, I could not understand what is most important things and what I have to do for this world using my life.
It is the reason why I keep doing my peace actions with self sacrifice..

What if all people realize the point, how would the world change?


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