Important mind of “薫習” 

Since I have started my peace actions, already 8 years have been flows.
During the time of my peace actions, I met so many young generations, and saw their graduation, and entering news schools.
Young generation shows me their smiling faces with great wishes for fulfilling their dreams, and hope for their bright future.
It makes me feel always feel their unlimited possibility, which is most amazing things in this world, and needs to protect and preserve.

Although nowadays the world situations have been changing too fast to follow, and people especially young generation suffers from the situation,
such as over pressure of preparing examination following competition & elite society,
and not to be able to study due to expanding the situation of conflict, poverty, and refugee problems….

In my opinion, school system & educator consciousness and willingness for real education have been disappearing, and young generation despairs the situations.

It all related with perversion of value at human society & changing life style, it would be egoism, which even people were versed in assertion of own rights,
but rely on the others when people prosecute own duties, or putting the blame on the others when the things happens not as their expectation…

In the past time, all house had distinctive family traditions, al school had wonderful school tradition, which was the place of education where makes us more human.
Nowadays the pace of education has been stopped functions, parents & educator have been struggle to assert, and
preserve one’s self, to conceal or to slur over an unfavourable fact, forget and abandon a leaning regarding life education, which is origin of human exist.

Therefore now we need to focus and to face the dignity of all creature’s life, which meaning of dignity is to respect all differences, multi culture and diversity,
to find the way of coexist, and to make connection of bonds of to be kept alive.

In Japanese Buddhism we have the words called “薫習“, which means as clinging aroma to some object, all human behavior which is mental & physical,
naturally we get influence from the others and individual experiences whatever it is good or bad. What if we all have an the mind of “燻習”,
we would be able to focus on our behavior and words & deeds, we can influence the others through oneself.

I would like to keep reminding the words of “薫習” and build education which can helps young generation’s formation of character.

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