Planting the Peace Seed in people’s heart

Here is the old School Magazine Article term between 2012 to 2013 which made by Students of First English Language School where is most famous high school at Bulgaria.

2012, 2013 was the time of my turning point of my Peace Actions, after I have accomplished my walking actions from China to London as Official United Nation International day of Peace leading event representative & messenger of Peace. The time I have begun my educational project called Peace Week. Year by year I have improved my education program as educator but still I need to learn so many things, need to keep walking toward my vision for peace.

The words “Keep walking toward the vision and dream”
I always tell the students, and young generation. And these days one of the students who I met the school named First English Language school where I mentioned in above, reminded me what have I kept encouragement the younger generation.

Her name is Michaela, and now she has been studying at University of Helsinki & University of St. Andrews, where is one of oldest and famous university in this world.
From her recently received contact and while we were chatting each other, she told me that she still reminding my words “Keep Walking toward the dream”, and My “Peace message”.

The event gave me full of encouragement. Since 2007 I visit hundreds of school, and gave a message for their dream & hope, now the students have started to enter the society, 10 years later or 20 years later I have full of bright hope for this world that the kids and students grew up and started great actions for making a world a better place & peaceful place.

Young generation is our hope – I do Keep giving them full of opportunity to have more experiences to gain not knowledge but skill which just can learn from their personal experiences through practice science.

World there is still hope, how to see the world is all depend on us.
Let’s keep focus in our heart and keep giving something away from our side with tenderness & kindness which can make people smile and feel happy.

Michaela Thank you so much for reminding me and keep your endeavor toward your dream.


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