Earth Gourmet Part.5 ~Japanese Soy Sauce Ramen~

Nowadays Japanese cousin become extraordinary popular food in the world.
The reason of popularity is because

1. Healthy,
– Using healthy ingredient & seasonings – most of the seasonings which is Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Miso consist of rice, miso, fish, vegetable, and most of the process of manufacture is fermentation. = it is why it so healthy.

2 Tasty, -Japanese food culture respects feature of ingredients and feature of area and
making harmony of the taste. The feature of Japanese food culture which I explained in above, and different environment in Japan where consists of 4 main different island “Hokkaido”, “Honshu”, “Shikoku”, “Kyushu” the differences of environment & atmosphere and culture makes thousands of variety of Japanese cousins and it is all sensitive, beautiful and tasty. = which attractive people.

3.Beauty –Japanese cousin culture most important points is Enjoy the food -using all the sense of feeling which is  *sight  *hearing  *smell *taste * touch (Food Texture or mouth feeling). Chief & Restaurant they do care the all atmosphere of facility and behavior of hospitality and try to be hospitable to the guest. It is greatest point for foreigner to enjoy real Japanese food.

According to the survey the website company ( conducted, people around the world voted Japan as the third country, which has the most delicious local food. Italy was voted number 1 and France was voted the second.

In Italy, and France, where got 1st and 2nd prize of delicious cousins culture,  = especially Paris, or Milan, or each different city = not only sushi but some Japanese noodle culture become big trende.

Today I would like to introduce some “Japanese Soy Sauce Ramen” -Earth Gourmet Style for my world friend. For this ramen “Fish” & “Seafood” is main seasonings, but do not worry, it is not too strong fishy smell or taste which most of western people dislike. Try and give me a feedback!


*Ramen Noodle (Instant or Raw Ramen Noodle whatever you can use) : 300g
*Tsukune – Japanese chicken meatball : 4 to 6 pieces
(More information :
*Cabbage :1/4 cutting 1 to 1.5cm wide each
*Ofu ‐Dried Wheat Gluten 3 pieces of 小花麩 (kobanafu)
(More information
*Garlic 1 piece
*Tenmenjan – 2 tea spoon
*Olive oil

*Niboshi – Small dried sardines :100g
*Kombu – Dried kelp : 10cm *10cm
*Katsuobushi – dried bonito shavings 60g
*Soy Sauce – 2 to 4 tablespoon
*Chicken or Beef Bouillon : 2 cubes
*800 ml Water

1. Firstly add 800 ml water to Sauce pan and put “Niboshi”, “Konbu”, and “Katsuobushi” together and heat with medium heat
*If it is possible all ingredient put in some cooking paper puck would be better:
its called Dashi Pack and  Dashi is a Japanese soup stock, which is made from kombu :dried kelp, katsuo-bushi :dried bonito flakes, niboshi :dried small sardines, hoshi-shiitake: dried shiitake mushrooms, and more. Dashi pack could be purchased from Japanese grocery stores

2. 10 to 15mins later since stating boiling water , removed Niboshi and Konbu from the water and add 2 cubes of Bouillon & Soy sauce, and if you have Some cooking sake it is also good to add  as giving it a subtle flavor. -keep boiling the water

3.heat the other pan and add olive oil with chopped garlic, when we can smell fragrant garlic smell, put cabbage and same time at sauce pan put Tsukune (Japanese Chicken Ball)
cooked both ingredient for 7 to 10 minutes.

4. Heat Oven to 250℃, and during preparing oven at pan added Tsukune (Chicken Ball) from Sauce Pan where making Ramen Soup, and add tenmenjan for flavor.

5. Once the tenmenjan sauce mixed with Grilled Cabbage with Tsukune, move it it plate and put it in oven and roast the cabbage and Tsukune for 10 minutes

6. Using boiled water, Put Ramen noodle and boil it for 10 minutes (depend on ramen noodle. and same time, prepare the ramen bowl (once put boiled water for heating the bowl would be better)

7. Add Boiled Ramen & All different ingredient which is Tsukune, Cabbage, and FU
and put Ramen Soup.

– Complete….

From now you can cook Japanese Soy Sauce Ramen Earth Gourmet Style.


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