Over 58 millions kids can not go to school nowadays, but they still keep their dream…

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In the same class was Israa Wais who did not attend school last year because she lived in Al-Haydareh neighborhood where there were no functioning schools due to conflicts and clashes there.

I would like to ask everybody, nowadays do you know how many children cannot go to school due to several reasons of this world such as WAR, CONFLICT, POVERTY so on..

Here is the answer.
2.8 million Syrian children who can’t attend school.
In middle of east area, over 13,5 millions of kids, and
whole world more than 58 millions of children CANNOT go to school for studying due to world situation.

Here is very touching point & breathtakingly amazing view of children.

“Kids keep smiling even they have to keep staying at hard situation. ”
“Kids keep their dream for their bright future, and they keep hoping for their life.”

**What do you feel when you heard this huge number of children can not go to school?

**What would be our responsibility for this world, and for this innocent KIDS?

**What can we do for this innocent kids as adult people?

What if we educate all kids what is importance in this world which is
And support their dream together, not following general school education
-Competition, ELITE education through the score of examination.
What would be the world situation looks like?

Let’s think, and act what we can do individually,
Let’s  spread your words with positive energy.




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