What’s Your Biggest Regret? & Would You Rather Be Rich Or Happy?

Here is 2 eye-opening videos I would like to introduce everybody.

**First Video’s title is  “What’s Your Biggest Regret?”
In New York city at public area,  organization puted one big blackboard with one question
“What’s your biggest regret?”.  In our life, we have had so many things which we didn’t expect or wishes,
and have made something mistake in the past.  In our mind, generally we would expect some answer which related with the things which we have done.

However the people answer  made us surprise..
At the board there are so many different stories in side of the message,
but on the other hands there are common point in side of message.
Vast majority of answer was “Not regret about their mistake, but
“Even they had a chance, they did not pursue or take ….chance, or opportunity,
such as “Not saying I love you”,  “Not talking artistic passion”, or
“Not having a kids before father passed away”….

The people regret
“They were about change not taken”
“They were about words not spoken”
“They were about dreams not pursued”

Every day is the clean slate.
Every day is new day for us.
Let’s do the things which we will regret not doing,,,
Everything possible in this world nowadays,
It depend on you to take first steps with little courage.
The world would start to change as your side.

And Second video name is Would You Rather Be Rich Or Happy?”

Video showed some game called “Would you rather”
to see what success actually makes to Kids.

The kids answer was amazing and unexpected,
But there are also common point, what is most important things for them.
-which is priceless stuff HAPPINESS.
And for pure innocent kids success means Happiness.
Without happiness there are no succeed in their life.

In our life many people forget the core point of our life meaning “Happiness”.
But all limit makes by ourselves making some reasons for escaping from our true heart.

Please watch this two eye-opening video, and wouldn’t be nice to think about your life again?

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