Steps of Water Buffalo


Even Water Buffalo bears burden
Does not say anything about it
Just walks in silent

The hoof plows cutting into earth,
And water buffalo walks, step by step,
Under the hot sunshine
The road of Ishigaki with white sand of dazzling coral
Okinawa low ceiling house
Water buffalo just walk in silent
In his large-heavy body
Carries burden, and walks silently .

Human are too noisy…
Human too hurry to get solution & answer..
Human feel too much dissatisfaction
Human fight & conflict easily.
Human judge or assess impetuously
Human dislike patience
Human will to succeed as soon as possible
Human too much call for the result
Human are too particular about trifles
Human Being……
Human Being…

Large-heavy bodied water buffalo beware implicitly
Step by step, water buffalo steps forward on his way of life
There are no doubt….
At eternal time of the earth
Water Buffalo walks step by step modestly
The horns vibrant with energy..
The eyes are too gentle & child rides in his back
Great leisurely Ganges flow,
Water Buffalo cleanse his large heavy body blend with surrounding the river
As well as long history & long time at Earth
Water buffalo just keeps walking step by step silently.

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