Peace Week Vietnam Team Report

Today 23rd of January, Vietnam team student report his effort, practice improvement, and recent situation with future plan.

Action by action, he seem to improve his skill, and with confidence he seem to be able to “Plan”, “Approach”, “Arrange”, “Organize”, “Check” and “Revise” the project following the situation.

But still he could improve many point which is necessary to lean – important thing in our life.

I would like to say to him

“It is seem to be very hard, and long way, but I would like to say – you choose right way of your life. Those experiences of difficulties and hardness would be your precious tresure in your life, and when you want something good for your country, through your skill you can inspire the people, gather the people, and make something happens from your idea.
=It is very precious sense of leadership”

These sense of life, with humbleness & morality, we can do so many things at each country, each place, and each people and all together we can make a world a better place. ”

Well done Dũng..
and never give up, I follow you and support you and tell all my skill which I learned from my peace actions.

For all I would like to add some more words
**What I have tried to educate young generation is most of the school do not educate young generation which topics is

**How to manage their life following the circulation of reaching the goal and vision, and **Importance of morality for human relations.

When people start to understand this point, whatever things are happens which we do not expect, or meet some people who have differences due to differences of background of human being, we can ajust ourself following the situation and revise the situation not getting influence from emvironment, people’s attitude, but following their vision and goal.

In this way we can keep our peace in our heart which named <Inner-Peace>

More information of the program
Please check this link which I post previous time explaining my education at Vietnam.

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